New centrifuge company and I’m working with to design. Gauging interesting. Available in August. Built from the ground up in Canada I believe or demesrif. Fooodable centrifuge. 30-45 pound per load capacity. 65k

New company. Spin off from ace. Fully customized and designed here in the us or Canada. Not retrofitted Chinese. UL listed. Great customer service. Jacketed centrifuge holds 25-45 pounds depending mill size. 60-70k price depending on certain pecs. Full touch screen display unit. High quality. PHD engineers behind design with extraction experience background built for extraction ease in mind. Comes with training and install. Fabulous customer service. GMP qualified I do believe. Let me know if this is something that there is interested in.

Smaller model for 30-35k in the works for 20-30 pounds per batch same design just smaller.

Gauging interest


How exactly is it a spin off?

Re-spin maybe.

Spin off implies a relationship that does not exist between these two companies


Just some possible associates or collaborative partners. This is the info I was given. Maybe even disregard the whole ace association. Still a beautiful design. And completely not retrofitted from Chinese shit which is a huge plus

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Im interested for sure!!

So it’s currently rated for 1800RPM and -70C temperatures

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any updates on this project?

Yes sir. They are moving along are planning on having their first 5 units out by mid August

Is there an option to get barebones? Like I just want the machine. Instead of up selling training installation etc

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65k is everything regardless. There will be a smaller machine like 15-25 pounds a cycle available soon as well. It just happens to come with training and such at no extra charge

Knockoff maybe.

: to make a knockoff of : COPY, IMITATE

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Eh take it how you will. Very floodable centrifuge is similar. If anything then producing them from the ground up domestically makes them superior to retrofitting Chinese units. But take it as you will

Imitating or emulating Ace Isn’t a bad thing, from my understanding. Good luck to them. There is enough work for everyone.


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Should offer a barebones package. Like all I want is the most basic amount of shit to make it work. And an instruction manual maybe. For people who Arnt trying to pay for all the extra stuff. Maybe some sort of warranty built into it as well with that package on basic stuff like if I didn’t throw a cinderblock in it type of situation

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Feel ya. I voiced same thing about ace. If the full kit is 65k what would you be willing to pay bare bones? No installation no nothing just a manual? Warranties are hard that way cause you could set it up wrong or something and then it’s on them to fix it


As in he’s just trolling cause I said the same things about ace?

Not super bothered either way. He’s been hating on my hustle on a couple threads. Some people hate, some people innovate. All the flavors In the world and he chooses to be salty. It happens a lot in this industry. No biggy, then just don’t buy one. It’s 25-30k cheaper then the next available option and it’s entirely manufactured domestically instead of retro fit Chinese. I know ace is working on transitioning over to complete local manufacturing but for the time being they simply retro fit. So quality is a large part of their break into the market strategy on top of 20% cheaper price point. It is what is good sir

I just thought it was funny because it was almost verbatim of what you said in your thread. But if he is a hater fuck em. I hope you kill it

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Ya that’s why I was acknowledging that. I could create a package like that. As where ace was not down to do that. I’m here to cater to all my clients. He’s just trying to be a sarcastic dude giving me shit cause for whatever reason he ain’t making enough money doing what he’s doing