Network with NC hempers


What’s up everyone? I am looking to link up with anyone working with NC area. I am in Charlotte but am working with Asheville and Raleigh areas too. I have a wholesale/distribution operation here and looking to collaborate with good people and products. Thanks and best regards to all

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I am NC based, but spend most of my time working on west coast until early summer I have some clients in the east and can finally hang around home more often. NC hempers unite!


I am NC based as well. We are on the equipment side but our facility is in Southend of Charlotte, NC. You are more than welcome to stop by and I would be happy to show you around at any time.

Matt Hagley


Hi Matt,
Thank you for reaching out. I appreciate the offer to come by and check out your facility. I would love to set up a time to meet by. I am working towards multiple goals in this industry, currently looking to network and strengthen our local/regional hemp infrastructure. My email is thank you for your time.

Best Regards,
D.Madison Random
Green Mind Initiatives


East Coast NC here! We are plant to product manufacturers. We not only process on site but also have the ability to custom create products, from topical and tinctures to even personal lube. Our focus is creativity and our goal is to get private label products to small businesses. All products are laser engraved with serial numbers and we only deal with local sources, so we can trace back to the original crop. Hope to meet more North Carolinians!

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Nc grower. Plant supplier. Eastern nc. Rocky Mount area

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Hi there! That is great! Thank you for reaching out. I am in the Charlotte area and definitely looking to connect with NC farmers. I’d love to talk more about some of my goals. My email is

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Currently reside in Oregon but am from Asheville, NC. I am looking to setup a hemp farm this year around western Nc. I have the land but lack the person with the ag permit or farming license. Any leads would be great!

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Hey what’s up amigo! That is great to hear. I do know someone looking for a partnership and he is in Salisbury. Not sure if they have land yet but they were working on permits last time we talked a couple months ago. is my email, please shoot me your info and I will get back to you asap


Originally from Winston-Salem. Currently in between Humboldt County in CA and Denver, CO.


I will email you tomorrow