Neem Oil impact on final Product

Does anyone know if neem oil can have a negative impact on distillate? I’m trying to come up with a list of things to ask growers when buying trim. I haven’t had any issues in my few years of processing to distillate but it was a problem when I was running BHO. Just wanted to see if anyone had ran into a problem with neem oil and what those problems were/are?

Any info help.


@weave If the neem oil has the molecule Azadirachtin in it, it could potentially have a negative impact.


What sort of negative impact?

Azadirachtin is a terpene.
must mean it’s good for you…

certainly means that it will come along for the ride in your extraction.

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But I would think it’d be pull during the terpene fraction, no?

no idea. it’s a big one. so there will probably be some in your boiling flask after devol.

it should probably travel with the heads. but I’m without data & guessing wildly

@drjackhughes is the first one that springs to mind who might have that data.


In a couple SPD runs we saw a milky, oily fraction that contaminated heads fractions in the first pass. We were told it was neem oil on the Facebook advanced distillation group. Never saw it again.

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@weave What Is CHS? - Cannabis Hyperemesis Syndrome Heal The Mind With Information To Cure The Body Of Dis-Ease

The connection between Cannabinoid hyperemesis and Azadiractin seems pretty tenuous to me.

not “out of the question”, but certainly nothing that qualifies as “clinical data”.

I’ve got a kid who suffers from it on my team.
Not willing to use him as a guinea pig at the moment.
Mainly because is mom would kill me :wink: