Need to make a cart purchase for VERY thick concentrates

Thanks a bundle to everyone who has helped me out here. I am fairly happy with my shatter and I am fairly happy with the process so far, being limited in equipment and space.

This website has taught me not all carts are created equal! Thus, I wanted to specifically make a post for links on which carts will take a thick concentrate and be able to flow. We’re working with a decarbed shatter and I think this time I will NOT add any terpenes and rather keep the natural flavor using @GroovyOctopusLabs tek.

So please, at your convenience, could someone link me where I can get these carts and that will ship to Aus

1 Like (trying out next weekend) or cell series (currently in my rotation).

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QMA recommended me to iflux but they wont take my payment. I may just go to - cell series you say?

Once I purchase I’ll update the thread to show what I bought.

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91% cbd that’s been allowed to crystallize with 4% terps works using the gcell.

Lol gtfo no way - that looks like fucking shit are you saying it still vapes? I think Im in love

Yeah it works, you just use a heat gun after 50% of the cart is used to get the top stuff to come down if you ever let it fully recrystallize (Mine was from testing some terps from @MassTerpenes and some from

That was supposed to be a worst case scenario I pictured (testing showed about 8-10% terps worked well for that particular distillate), no customer deserves that POS I made obviously. But fun to push boundaries nonetheless!


Which of cart.farms cell series would you recommend for a decarbed shatter?

Wolkentek and gcells are all I can speak for. I use gcells for those stubborn strains, wolkentek for distillate so far.

If you have patience and a hair drier, the gCell is one of the most reliable carts I field. They just move slower for me because @BulkCarts took glass carts WAY more serious than I did.

I added the thin concentrates disclaimer because most people are not patient and complain about the cart not wicking

What’s the hair dryer for? Getting it to initially wick?

Edit: Shit sorry that was meant to be a reply to QMA

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Melting what crystals are still stuck at the top of the cart so the fall onto the ‘burner’.

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Gotcha :smiley:

Please dont tell the rosin people

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You wouldn’t recommend the iCell for my purposes? Just need something that isn’t going to require too much intervention though that would be more a shortcoming of the oil than of the hardware.

iCell + will work, with less wicking woes, but isn’t refillable like the gCell

Perfection! I toss my carts after first use because I am OCD about not having cross strain contamination in my product. You would think I own a store but no I just am stoner with unrealistic tastes.

@qma I’ll take both i and g to try out. I wanted to say your filled product examples look fucking tantalizing.


Ahh no international shipping?

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Hello Lexi,

We’d like to recommend our BCORE cartridge for your VERY THICK CONCENTRATE. It works well with all different viscosity of cannabis extracts, even extremely thick extracts. The unique gravity fed bottom heating chamber only heats the oil you’re vaping at the moment, allows vapers to consistently enjoy the same flavor & terpenes as the first puff for a more extended period, and with enhanced durability. Do you like it?