Need thca isolate immediately

NEED THCA Isolate at 2500 per kg immediately. My supplier is being hard to contact and I have a massive client waiting for a 1kg sample, then he will need 50kg+ monthly. Feel free to call me at 7203844896. I will pay for overnight shipping please help us out!

Good luck, isolate in that price range is long gone :+1:

How about the sample is 4000 then the 1500 is taken off the first 50kg order

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I’ve been paying 2500 for a very long time. Has something changed? Thank you for the reply I do appreciate your input sir

The market.

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Supply and demand is the determining factor right now supply is low and demand is high, people are paying more then twice that to get it shipped or being put on the wait lists/left on read


What happened to your previous supplier?

Did he change pricing?


The two hemp labs im consulting have Almost tripled what the price was in the last 60 days

Might see it raise even higher depending on how the 2023 hemp bill is rolled out


He just went ghost. It was Joe the CBDA man

Tell him 5-6k a kilo and see if he doesn’t answer :sweat_smile:

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I have it in Long Beach CA 3100 a kilo. License to license

@Alwaysworking Hes talking about Hemp THCa :speak_no_evil:

Hahahaha damn that went over my head. Lol thank you

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