Need THC Distillate CA Rec 30L+/month


I’m searching for high quality distillate in the CA regulated market. No brokers, want to work direct with lab. I’m directly with the manufacturer. We utilize 30L+ a month. Potency 90%+ THC, clean, pesticide free, with CoA. Should be odorless with no off flavors.

Let me know if you are a manufacturer that can help out! We are okay to source smaller quantities too if the price is right. Must have BCC CA license.

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Hello. How many liters are you looking for? Contact me at 8318846915. Licensed Manufacturer.


Shoot me a text we can source this no problem. 5302624937. Kyle

If your still looking for this pm me please
We have it covered . We are a State annual licensed manufacturer and distributor in so cal
We have 90% thc non detect on cat 2/3

Hello, are you still looking to acquire CAT 3 clear 90%+ distillate? Ping me at 9546371770 or email me

We offer reliable, consistent supply of cat3 distillate/coas on cctt/metrc.