NEED PROCESSING. UN-Winterized distillate

I have about 230L of un-winterized distillate that needs to be winterized. Willing to do split yeild or pay for tolling. CA or other states

You need winterizing of what? CBD?

We are here in CA by palm springs. We have the ability to process that for you in about a weeks time.

Un winterized disty? Thats a thing?


You can skip winterization and distill right off yes. A good portion of the fat distills at the same temps as thc.

No I get that. I guess, why winterize after the fact, Would be the better way to ask

Some people do it to decrease the amount of material they have to put in solution to winterize, lower the amount of ethanol they need in use for the process, have under chilling capacity to keep with production. its a way to try and circumvent a bottle neck


Can’t speak for the poster of this thread but I did it because you can get away with a 1:3 winterization instead of the more dilute norm. Why? Because alcohol was expensive back in the day and time wasn’t. Also it cut down roto time significantly at the cost of another distillation unit. Weird, I know.

I don’t suggest this route, we ran a company off of two 5L rotos as our only solvent recovery systems.


Thc and CBD have the same boiling point though

I still don’t know what he’s talking about CBD or thc. I’ve only distilled unwinterized thc crude so I’m speaking from the scope of THC.

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What kind of price per kilo is reasonable for tolling on winterizing distillate?

If i’m using a mantle, I do methanol winterization AFTER distillation. If I’m using a wfe, then prepping crude before loading saves serious time when trying to clean up later.
Fucking up a boiling flask, not a big deal. Stripping down a wfe to clean it up is a serious PITA.