Need help with KF25 to GL18 adapter

Hey guys I was wondering if these two adapters are the same and will fit a gl18 cold trap. I just want to connect a bellow hose straight from my vacuum.

I just find it so hard to spend that much on ONE adapter from lab society. anyways let me know guys y’all are awesome btw!

not the same.

even if the 3/8 threads match the g-18, which they don’t because “pipe thread” is tapered, you don’t want to try treading stainless onto glass.

talk to @david

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Gl 18 means 18 mm “semi” acme thread.

If you are using a hose setup a Bellow won’t help anywhere. You are limited to the gl18 connection.

Convert it all to hard pipe and then go Bellow at end of glass.


is the solution to toss the glass or have it altered?