Need help setting up CRC TECH


Been going through CRC threads, SOPs seem to be changing so quickly.

We run 4×48 & 6x48 jacketted columns
SS 100lb room temp tank to 3/8 50 foot coil to another 3/8 30 foot coil both in Dry ice and ISO to material column then on to collection.

We like straight ntane with a little isobutane but at the moment are running straight isobutane.
We have a 4in sight glass from bizzy along with filter stacks from xtractor depot and as for 6" we have a 6x6 spool I could possibly use. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Been looking to run the crc tech for a while finally going to give it a try. I’d appreciate any help you guys can give me in setting this up. Locally I can head to summit research or 420stock Carries some of the powders needed.

Mostly we run nothing but fire material but have a batch of fresh trim that smells amazing but is on the darker side, also got a few lbs of darker stuff that could benefit from this tech.



Any one have a :spoon: handy? @cyclopath :grin:



You have identified the thread that has all the info you are looking for. If you do not wish to do your own due diligence perhaps you should reach out to a consultant.