Need help getting rid of trim (New England)

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Bump… any questions, feel free to reply or message me. Thanks

anyone in new england… or anyone in the state of MA…?

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Anyone in New England. I can meet up almost anywhere in New England and the drive isnt too bad

Trim is relatively worthless in my opinion

You best option is to extract it then make edibles and sell them


I’d rather an extractor take it and make edibles/extracts that they can sell

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What are you asking and how much weight?

Drop it off to @slickric174 and get back a trophy diamond :gem:



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Interested in splits ?

Unfortunately, everyone I know only smokes flower. Wouldnt know what to do with diamonds if you gave them to me for free lol

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im not quite sure what the legality is for crossing state lines with thc trim.

Material that sat around in totes at room temp is going to give you boof diamonds at best. That shit should be whipped.


It is 100% illegal and would at best jeopardize your license and at worst expose you to criminal prosecution.


definitely not ideal lol thats why I prefer people in MA

Idk what should be done with it… i’ll leave it to the professionals to decide lol I’m just a grower

bump… still have a bunch left