Need help finding a seal for this beast

@Sidco_Cat I would have just posted this in ur very generous post offering help with this kinda thing but didnt want to dump a bunch of photos there and i thought others might know if they see it.

This is a really old part of a nitrogen purification system i think, the seal might not be made anymore and i know i could prob get a custom one but i dont know if there is any special about the geometry of the seal and a custom one that large would be costly from what ive seen.
any help would be appreciated.

Ill open it up and take more pictures and measurements here pretty soon


I am glad to see what I can do!

Large o-rings are usually measured by circumference and cross-sectional diameter, so if you can measure those things accurately, you can hit up most any manufacturer for an o-ring of your choice material. I’m sure inner and outer diameter would be ok too.
That looks like a filter housing, correct?

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yea i hav looked it up by that standard and it wasnt a standard size and def couldnt find it in ptfe. plus i think it might be designed with a lip. even seeing an original gasket would make it easier.

Who’s your gal?

Let me know if you would like the entire quotation that they sent of if you need help ordering.


Specs coming shortly for my reactors…

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