Need help anyone have any idea why lol

does anyone know why they make short and long beck versions of these?

These parts are manufactured by 15-30 different companies in China. They all come out looking slightly different.

What I’m wondering about it why do they make long neck and short neck versions of these what is the benefits of a long neck versus short neck

What part are you calling the ‘neck’?

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How tall of a cork you gotta set

The neck I guess is where the valve goes into

What is the purpose of a long neck versus short neck

The length that extends downwards? There’s no difference, besides potentially how tall your jack is or how large your receiving flask is…

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It’s the neck part above the discharge neck where the actual valve and knob go into

2345_image_file_copy_1%20(5) short neck

this one is the long neck

It just looks like one has a slightly larger valve.

What would the purpose of that be ?

You’re way too focused on the function or purpose of some glass from China. They just do what the customer tells them. The first vac cut off cows we ordered from China had really small valves and we’re a pita to use, so we had them start using larger valves. They likely had a customer ask for larger valves and these were left over… I still see the 34/45 female cow on eBay that we had made for a customer, they just make multiple in one sitting

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I’m more wondering what is the functionality difference between the long neck versus short neck? Is one better over the other or is it just a personal opinion type deal?

Zero difference.

Just the look then ? So what in the heck would anyone have it built lol

Look at the difference in the white part. Orings etc.

The longer one looks like it has more o rings. And one on the bottom of it.

As to which is better. Idk I use the first picture style

They make both with the red oring just have to ask

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