Need gummy recipe

I flash freeze but I’m gonna dehydrate them. It’s nice after rolling them in the sugar or corn starch to let them cure for a day or so at room temp


I left yours out for a few more days to dry out some more and they were not too tacky to the touch. Had a nice chew to them, yet still soft in the middle. Very legit


When in doubt, melt down store bought gummies and put them in your own molds. I’ve never had to do it but Swedish Fish will solve the jello gummy issue.

Sprinkle them with sugar after (ideally with a drop of a PG-based sour flavor concentrate, you can find it on Amazon). This will help mask imperfections by giving that powdered finish like Sour Patch Kids have. It’s not uncommon to get little pockets of amber oil in gummies so hitting them with sugar covers the bubbles up more and block the bitterness of the oil.

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My sugar/corn syrup and my gelatin are cooked seperately in 2 different pots and steps. I never take my sugar above 150F. i wait till it goes dead clear take it off the burner…wait till it goes down till 125F and then add my Gelatin back to the recipe…then i add in my coloring and flavor.

This isnt like a hard candy were you need to crack the sugar. with the sugar, you are simply trying to melt down the sugar to an even clear consistency.


Yes, gelatin should be bloomed separately, ideally in a bath, at around 60c with the ratio of water I posted above. Once bloomed, start cooking the sugar / corn syrup / sorbitol / dextrose / glucose to 117c.

The citric or whatever acid you are using should be in a 50/50 water solution and added at the last step when flavoring / coloring.

They should come out pretty much ready to go from the molds after cooling in freezer for 10 minutes.

For reference, I believe Haribo uses around 225 bloom for their goldbears and those are liable to rip a filling out.

Cook your sugar to 80ish brix. A refractometer is invaluable when making gummies.


i bloom my gelatin seperate for 30 mins. I cook it lower around 130F or 55c for those everywhere but america

I use a lower ratio of water to gelatin. I use 75-80g of gelatin to 125-130g of water. Water in the recipe is what causes the mold. The more water…the more mold prone they can be.

in my second step i dont use any water with my sugar, citric acid step. The only water in my recipe is the water i use to bloom the gelatin with. The citric acid, potassium sorbate, sugar will be cooked in nothing more than corn syrup. I dont add in the citric acid and potassium sorbate with the corn syrup and sugar until its removed from the burner. I add it in at the same time i add in the coloring and flavor.

I only eat haribo gummies at home. they are harder than the 250 bloom gummies i made. hence the reason to harden up the gummies slightly more.

i guess im gonna have to buy a refractometer what is it used for. I dont really think non of this has to be extremely precise.

And there really isnt a right or wrong way…as long as they are edible…they are right…ill give your recipe a whirl @raghanded


Lessening the water will help with mold for sure, but some of it should cook off when getting to higher temps.

Refractometers measure substances dissolved in water / oils i.e. sugar density in water.

There are many ways to skin the cat for sure.

i use the sous vide for this step and the mixture is in a sealed bag…nothing in my recipe really goes over 130F

i understand why we need to measure sugar in the mixture for alcohol producing as ive made my own alcohol before but why do we care how much sugar is in my recipe for candy making???

Looks like killa12345 is helping y’all out. I have a gummy that has an efficacy of 15-20 minutes. Worked on this for over 4 years. Crossing the blood brain barrier 50% faster is the name of this bears game. No hot dog water for this party & its a great thing. There are a few natural mold inhibitors out there, citric acid is your friend if your a sour patch kinda guy…


That was my next move. Ive bought maltodextrin to help pass the blood brain barrier. Me and @CBNight had a good conversation about this the other night because my gummies only take about 30-45 mins to kick in.

Since there is sooo much sugar in the gummies we think that helps bind the thc to the sugars allowing to be disgested quickly. We really dont the real science behind why it pass so fast but hard candies and gummies certainly dont take 1.5 hours to take effect.

Im no scientist so this might not be the reason. Im just trying to make other ways to intake my medicine other than smoking or vaping.


@Killa12345 @GummyJ @Rowan @chempistry @raghanded

I’ve been trying to eliminate a bitter chemical after taste in my Gummies from distillate.

I started adding more Lorann flavoring (overpower that shit - that should do it!)


Lorann raspberry and cherry flavoring is horrible AF. Makes taste worse not better. I’d pour that crap in the toilet but I’m afraid it would permanently pollute the ground water and turn the fricken frogs gay.

What flavor manufacturers and specific flavor tricks do you guys use/like?

I’m thinking of washing my isolate and D8 in water to eliminate blech bitter taste – any thoughts or recommendations for distillate/isolate cleanup for pristine, zero taste concentrates?


He gave me a pack of gummies. They tasted like sour patch kids. No chemical taste.

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I love lorann raspberry as that is what i use. cherry is disgusting and i agree with that…

Must be a CBD thing on the bitter…what recipe are you using…

Pretty sure @Badcookieextracts is using the same gummy recipe as i do.


I’m using a jello recipe with added gelatin:

Double boiler with heat low (just high enough to incorporate jello to smooth consistency, no boiling ever):
1 3oz box jello brand flavored jello
1/4 water
1/4 corn syrup
1tsp citric acid

bloom 5tbs gelatin in 1 cup water; add bloomed gel to above

in separate pot

1cup sugar
1/2 cup corn syrup
1/2 cup water
heat to 265-270, remove let cool slightly then add to gelatin mix and homogenize with

1/2 tsp polysorbate 80 (modernist pantry)
1/2 tsp arabica gum
1/2 tsp Mold Inhibitor (LorAnn)

& Infused cannabinoid MCT oil (about 1-1.5mls)

mix until uniform

pour in molds

mix tastes great w/o infused cannabinoid oil; tastes like chemicals post oil

I’m using isolate and D8 distillate; tried just D8 distillate (blech); just isolate (blech). Same bitter chemical after taste


this is the recipe im using with some slight changes…

more gelatin…
less water
corn syrup instead of glycose
adding potassuim sorbate

i have no experience with cbd…sorry i cant help you on that one. maybe its the isolate…


Yes its got to be in my concentrates - just didn’t know if bitter blech was the norm or do I have some ratchet isolate/distillate.

I like your maltodextrin idea – I’ll give that a go. With my current recipe I notice onset starting at 5 mins, then more at about 20 mins on empty stomach.

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I did use that recipe as a base, some modifications simular less water more gelatin. The ones I gave @Demontrich actually used the Lorann raspberry flavoring too. Blue food coloring and extra citric acid in and you have sour blue raz.
How much sorbate are you using?
Be careful putting citric acid on the outside it will pull the moisture and make them sticky. I have some tartic and malac acid coming to play with


I used to have that issue, changed isolate supplier and it went away. I can eat their isolate straight up and theres no bittering.
Also the d8 i put into edibles of any sort has absolutely no taste, its dangerous lol
So maybe order a small sample from others to see if its really ur concentrates or not


adding 1gm. thats it…the mold inhibitor only needs a tiny bit so im trying to keep it a small amount

and tartic acid makes the same sticky mess when exposed to air for a day or 2. I see sour straws do the exact same thing one i open a pack and leave it for a day or 2


I pulled some d8 out of a kg for lab tests; figured I’d clean the little residual left on the tiny lab spoons with peanut-butter and have a taste.

I lost a day and a half. full kazonk.

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