Need good trim for bubble hash Eugene/Springfield OR

Please reach out if you have anything good available. Will pay or split 70/30 your favor. Also looking for a pre-owned Harvest Right freeze dryer. I am not licensed, but i have the OLCC handler’s card and an OMMP card so i can legally buy 8oz per day retail. I’m not clear on how the loopholes work where hash makers are able to get large amounts of trim from farms, but at the very least i could legally buy 1/2lb per day from you…right?

Medford OR, here.

OMMP can possess 24oz of usable material. I’ve had OMMP inspectors say trim isn’t ‘usuable material’ and is outside of their jurisdiction. Find an OMMP grower or caregiver to help you out. I happen to know some in that area if you can’t find any.

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Thats what ive been told before, and that sounds exactly like what i am looking for. I just dont know who/where to reach out to specifically. Thats kind of what i was hoping i was doing here lol. I would sure appreciate if you’d want to reach out in a direct message and point me in the right direction!

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I’m in Colorado and pretty much looking for the same thing. Any help would be appreciated.

Sorry we are talking about the Oregon medical program and can not export anything outside of Oregon besides hemp and knowledge.


Are you with the cbdops?

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No. Just a individual