Need fire indoor in Maine

Season is here again… I’m always looking to meet new caregivers and add the products they create to the menu… My clients want the best so I do my best to hunt it down… If you got that fire in Maine… hit me up… caregiver to caregiver or whatever…

Im also interested in carts and extracts…

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still interested?


Damn why you gotta call the feds in… lol… always interested… caregiver to caregiver…

We don’t fuck with Maine. They’re cool.


Oh right they do it Caregiver to Caregiver over there :joy:

No, we just think they’re cool and leave them alone. Unlike the rest of you degenerates.


:joy: :joy: Maybe we should all move to Maine

The streets are running dry out here… unless you like seedy fluffy bs… so much trash to wade thru…

Your located in Newport maine :smile: I use to live in a big farmhouse in east Newport at the end of the roussin road. Now I live out on the lake in hartland. I looked for your name on Instagram? U have an Instagram!? All the 207 caregivers all congregate on there… I don’t know how to use this site all that well. Account on Instagram - xxlockexx

Get an Instagram account and message me on there I look forward shooting the shit a bit. And if u don’t have one yet I think I’ll like the content and knowledge that comes with adding all these 207 guys they’re all eager to share knowledge. Instagram can be toxic (like Facebook) but it can be very good too…
I’ve learned a lot from the 207 grow community via Instagram. I have my coffee with instagram every day