NEED biomass 10%+ cbd. can drive to kentucky


Looking for 1000lbs of 10%+ cbd biomass as soon as possible!! We can drive to Kentucky tomorrow!! Or anywhere within 15 hours of Wisconsin. Email or call john (516) 888-8866


Have you spoken to GenCanna in kentucky yet? I know they planned on selling biomass soon, might want to check with them considering theyr’e producing 10-15m pounds a year.


We can help… Please feel free to reach out. (949) 393-8668 or

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Thank You, Do you have a contact phone number.


I called and GenCanna does not sell biomass.


Keep GenCanna in your pipeline for next year. They will be selling 5m pounds of cbd biomass next year. Im buddies with one of their extractors and that what he told me.


I called and they told me that they do not sell their biomass.


Called and left a message. Thank You


Spoke to John. Sending Violette an email now.