Need Advice - BHO -> ETOH Finishing questions

Some local butane tube blasterbois want to hire me to finish their crude for them and I have lots of questions.

I am reasonably sure that my current (entirely) ETOH methods will produce desirable results for them.

How much do I charge per liter to make disty and oven goodies for them (in Maine)? What do I need to get straight or negotiate with them in advance?

Don’t need advice about legality, will force them to have a licensed tier 3 caregiver personally hand the jars to one of my licensed tier 3 caregivers, with all appropriate paperwork and both my pirate crew and my cannalawyer’s blessing.

Do need advice regarding just about everything but the lawyer stuff.

Are there any glaring differences between winterizing-filtering-finishing ethanol extracted vs bho crude dissolved in ETOH 10:1 using 199 proof with a splash of heptane?

Thank you in advance for your advice and support, oh mighty brain trust.

Will it contaminate my equipment? They said their biomass was sketchy. Will I have to toss the ETOH after?

Toss the etoh after & do a small sample run to see if there is any contamination & then asses from there if you need to completely remediate your crude or if you can do a few scrubs winterize & filter the Hoe


If I tolll for someone
Trim to disty = 50/50
Crude to disty = 30(me)/70


Can you please elaborate just a tad further?
30/70 of what exactly?

30/70 end product return or you can charge per g/oz/lb/kilo


IIRC a lab in Maine gave me the price of $4 per gram to clean up crude and take it to distillate, with a 250ml crude minimum.

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If they require pesticide remediation you might add a bit because you’ll need to run it through chromatography I’d imagine.

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You guys are awesome!

How many grams in a liter of bho crude? I assume it has a different specgrav than water?

Do they pay for testing or do I? Do we have it tested before I run it or after?

Ideally both before and after to help target the sketchy for removal, if there is anything at all, and to verify its removal to safe limits. A liter is commonly used as slang for a kilo to prevent confusion with other mind altering substances, so 1kg.

I’d make them pay for the testing, or at least pass the cost on to them.

Hardly any caregivers want to pay for pesticide testing at $150+ per test, and it isn’t required. You don’t have to worry about a customer paying for it “just to see” at that price.

As someone providing a service, I’d want to make sure I actually did a good job.

If I had someone run stuff for me, I would handle the testing before and after, even if they also do testing. I don’t trust people.

Love grown got caught with a bunch of iso in some concentrate when a customer had it tested. They blamed a third party processor.