Need a new lab to work with not for .

This is what i can make some top of the line RSO For Distillate Or Edibles .

Contact me at
Thank you ā€¦

This is a pretty broad post. Could you share your background, type of experience you have. What you are looking for. Area you are in.

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maybe include what solvents you work with, actual experience, pictures of work etc. this is kind of just a skeet shot. a potential employer (or partner as you stated in the post) will probably want to see more that what iā€™m guessing is crude in a pot



Sorry im very new to all this and not much of a tech savvy. My background well lets see i can do everything when it comes to extracting trim, I did all the winterized tincture filterd out all the fats lips ect. Roto down the tincture to crude for ehtnaol or iso recovery. Decarb crude . Oh and im in the la area and willing to travel. Im pretty much looking for and distillation lab .

I use etanol or iso in my extraction . Pictures I have many as well as videos . Anyone who emails me i would be more than happy to share my experience with .

Not to sound rude, but I think you need to really put a little more effort into your resume and approach. Its very unlikely that someone looking for talent is going to pursue you for proof of your skills.

I would recommend building a portfolio/resume you can share to give people a better understanding of your experience.


Understood like i said im very new to all this and want to shate my experience with other companies.

Theres no shortage of skilled techs. Do yourself a favor and learn to sell yourself better. If you approach your pitch from how you will make your prospective employer more $ or whatever your value add is you have a better chance at interesting them.


:pray: thank you guys all for the feed back its much appreciated

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