N-tane for recrash

Has anyone successfully recrashed thc-a in ntane, or is this just not a good solvent choice? So far I’ve tried twice, without much success. Small crystals will form slowly, but nothing significant.


I use n-butane for all of our thca crystals, works just fine.


Keep trying

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recrashed as in re-crystallizing after your initial crystallization, right?

Are you using a pressure vessel(diamond miner)? Or letting the butane off gas quickly?

Ive done it several times to form powder like micron sized crystals, its an amazing solvent for such desired end consistency. The transition from glass to crystals literally happens in a flash, like an explosion filling the vessel in the blink of the eye.

Ive always thought that CBD crystallizers should utilize it to clean up their residual hep/pentane, and considering a lot of them are crushing to powderize, they’d save a step there as well.


Yes, after the initial crash, or redissolving slabs and trying to crash out the thca.

I’ve had good success with making diamonds on the initial extract, but not with dissolving slabs. I’ve only been able to get small dusty crystals.

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small dusty crystals from being to saturated, add more solvent or increase temp.
also make sure your slabs are thca and havent decarbed over time


Ur not getting it fully dissolved?

Maybe once dissolved add more tane bc u need to get it dissolved in not so cold tane,that should help…

and I’ve been noticing ,smaller jars not wide mouth will not vent themselves if to much tane, which will really slow the evap down…

The wide ones push out so much they vent themselves, for noobs I suggest these, but with really trying to slow it down I use pint or half pint wide mouths! Which nothing but the regular small lid

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Damn, really wished I’d seen this before now. I ran out of jars and in a rush I used 3 that I wouldn’t normally use and the reaction you’re describing happened to me. I’m in stasis right now and I don’t know if I can open my jars and pour them into my diamond mine.