My new employer wanted me to familiarize myself with these proseses

Any and all information on how to perform these different what kinds of processing will be much appreciated
Broad Spectrum Distillate (BSD),
Crystal Resistant Distillate (CRD),
C0² Chromatography Full Spectrum Distillate (CFD) and
water soluble Full Spectrum Liposome Powder (FSLP)


You better higher a consultant for this one


Use the search bar and browse around, there is everything you want to know here.


Is your employer familiar with any of the above?

Did they offer suggested resources?

That’s a might big of a list for “can y’all explain this to me?”

The fact that your boss used those terms may or may not indicate they are familiar with the processes behind them.

I’m pretty sure they won’t work as search terms on this site.

Although I’d be willing to agree with @Soxhlet that most of the information is here.

How about you define CRD for us? Or at least how you got here (search query please :slight_smile: )


A list with 4 holy grails Any boss would want inhouse :+1::grinning:


Broad Spectrum Distillate (BSD), Sales jargon as ambigous as the first word in it’s name
Crystal Resistant Distillate (CRD), Sales jargony but now I am starting to see
C0² Chromatography Full Spectrum Distillate (CFD) and Logical next sales jargon for heating the previous product
water soluble Full Spectrum Liposome Powder (FSLP) sales jargon for what @Lincoln20XX does

A consultant you would want for this would be @QGA

My guess is your boss is talking to someone who sells chromatography services or equipment

If you don’t wanna pay just click here

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Lol I didnt know I did that. What is it? I make salves, tinctures, etc.


My internet browser is on 80 tabs and my adhd is in full swing, I searched and missed by a couple posts here


This sounds like a list of buzzwords

Full spectrum distillate? Ummmm, isn’t distillate the antithesis of full spectrum?

Is your company run by sales bros?

I second the @QGA recommendation


Browse some largely commented threads and ask a few questions. More than enough knowledgeable here, they just don’t like when it sounds like people are making demands. Made the same mistake lol

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We have several SPD specialists that work for us. Contact us via DM for further information .