MVP recovery rates and reviews

hey guys,
I’m about to pull the trigger on getting an MVP in the lab. Who’s running those out there and what are your feelings and thoughts on them? I’ve heard mostly amazing things. I’m specifically interested in how much n-butane/min people are truly pulling off with these things, and how many kW water heat is being used to feed the pump. I’d be using a condenser coil in iso/d.i. bath, or lc02 on the back end for keeping psi low as possible. I spoke with a consultant from a cis company the other day and he told me that some clients were recovering up to 2lbs/min with one mvp. Kinda got my hopes up here.


most of those figures are high hopes manufactures will often claim figures to get coustomers.


Im only getting about .7 lbs/min using two DI/Iso coils after the pump and 70/30 blend. But idk I’m fairly noob maybe I need more cooling power (liquid CO2 or N2). Considering picking up another MVP to run in tandem…

I have always use 2 mvp and now with the 150 psi mvp they are moving even faster… it all depends on the volume of your jacketed column, how hot your h20 bath is and how many gallons your bath reservoir is along with the size of your Evap chamber…what are you using to chill the recovery tank ?

Dry ice my bad just saw that… are u running crude or for shat sauce etc?

ya that sounds slow from what I’ve heard about them, how are you heating your collection and how hot?

run a bit of everything, but I’m really trying to dial numbers in for crude running, getting times down. I’m about to scale up the system to running 100#s of solvent into a collection that is 12"x48", with 40" of jacket for water heat, using 4kw of water heat at over 120f, all feeding an mvp that has a condenser coil, 3/8" or 1/2", not sure yet, but the only condensing on the whole system for crude is gonna be that coil after the mvp. that’s pretty much how I’m running right now, just on a smaller scale with two cmeps.

I’m using the bhogart bfe horizontal collection tank and keeping cook off temp at 85 with two bucket heaters. Making shatter and crumble

that’s probably why you’re recovering slower than you could be, its definitely all about getting your collection evaporating as much as possible, or at least as much as your pump can handle or keep up with. but when making shatter you do want to watch your temps. personally though when I run shatter I still recover at 120 and have no problems with product becoming ustable or darkening. you just have to stop heating your collection at the right time before it becomes completely syrupy or It can tend to darken the product.

If you get your recovery tank as cold as you can possibly imagine. You won’t have to heat up your concentrates to overcome the pressure, you’ll create the pressure swing by creating vacuum on your tank.


Damn these allergies

I’m not hating, just not a fan of pumps.


Most people running passive are using a liquid co2 heat exchanger? Or just chilling solvent tank? Or both?

I chill the tanks, but a coil is a nice option.


My tank is always cold as possible and I use a coil to condense. My chiller isn’t powerful enough to handle the load of recovery, so I have to use a coil and dry ice. I use fraction of what I would if there was a cmep in the way. I would like to switch to a lc02 coil, as I would spend less on consumables.

Yah I want to switch to lCO2 coil as well but not exactly sure how to set it up or the possible hazards associated with using lCO2

Get in touch with @710ST they make em. Nboler can, too. He made the jacketed coils I have and I plan on sending em back to get modified for the use of lc02

how are you chilling your tank? and how fast are you recovering passively like this?

I have a double jacketed infinity tank, both jackets are under vac, and I have a julabo fw95 running my coil at -75. So she’s not really that cold, but she’s damn close. And with being nearly the same temp as my coil, she just spits faster than I can pee. Lemme see if I can get a video up of my tank recovering

However fast that is…? I have my sois vide set at 85-87.


damn that is fast af, how big is your tank and how many lbs of solvent are you using?

My system isn’t even setup ideally, my bosses are idiots and don’t listen to me, I could be going a lot faster. I usually recover 25-30 lbs. Takes 30 ish min or so give or take how much (normal) butane is left.