Music to match business

I had to go all tangent yesterday. I realized that out of all the songs I love there is one that perfectly captures what a business faces.

The song is under three minutes long which is about how long some poorly planned businesses make it. It was played by The Surfaris and is called Wipeout.

To me the “vocals” represent the original owner tossing out the idea to start the business. The guitar represents the good times when customers are flocking. The drums are the workers solving the problems to keep the customers happy and problems just never stop!

I am not sure if I like the drums, guitar, or vocals better… but the vocals are indeed what gets it all started, right?


I definitely feel the flow of orders, processing, carting, and logistics. The contrast from drums to guitar and back is the cycle of repetitive cleaning, carting, and packaging complimented by the chilled times of distilling and material transfer. Thanks for the imagination yoga :star_struck: