Mother liquor content

After crashing cbd I have been evaporating residual solvents , water and terpenes in a 20l rotovap then storing the mother liquor .
Whats is in the mother liquor from cbd distillate ? Id assume there is some olivetol and pinene . Should it be used as a precurser for any canabinoids ? I doubt this is worthwhile , just curious if its useful or more importantly valuable. Is there any toxic compounds ?
What is created (pthalates,creosol,phenol) when wide spectrum cbd distillate (amber ooze included) is reacted with lewis acids

Minors, THC, cbd.

I would NOT use it for isomerization. Garbage in, garbage out.

Right… but what happens when its isomerized? Cant be good. Whats created when this happens?

I have zero analytic evidence for this claim but I’ve seen an AlCl3 reaction on distillates and it creates a blood red color from any yellow pigments present and I believe that some epoxidation is occuring on the double bonds in the natural plant carotenes, lycopenes, and tocopherols.
The same distillate was subjected to pTSA and clay and the results were normal, yellow distillate color. I’m guessing protic acids and clay can disrupt any conjugation by saturating the bonds, but some of the inorganic lewis acids have specific chemistry with those same pigments. Hung over, will post sources later.


I was wondering if that could also be a simmilar cause to the result of a carbon scrub.

I see references around turning either crude or disti red…

Nicely pointed out, and there are also other photosynthetic pigments (xantophylls, luteins, zeaxtantins, and many other) we know relatuvely next to nothing in relations to adsorbent interactions.

We need a full spec on the plants constituents in different solvents, in the spirit of Turner and inc. Did at Mississippi OLEMIS back in the 60-70s…