Moroccan hash to distillate

Can morrcan pressed hash be used or will it have to high of a cbd content it is washing back at 40% after decarb
Or would this be a better option to learn as rso shatter or any material is at a high price point wer we are

Marrocan pressed hash can be used
When using hash made from landrace “Beldia” you will have a high cbd content
When using “critica” critical haze hash that has been cultivated from seed you won t have any cbd
40% is not possible for the highest thc content in hash from Marcocco is below 40%

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in short yes, we use high grade morrocan resins when flowers are in short supply, Ireland and UK have always had plenty of hash some of our highest test results came from morracan first press. As Roguelab said its strain dependant regarding the cbd content

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Cheers thanks for the reply Yh hash is a lot cheaper in Uk