More gamesmanship demonstrating intent

Which is it? Are you the mesenger, or are you someone with their own oppinions on the site? That would mean you are familliar with this forum’s culture/members, right?

Ahhhh, yes, my question answered immediately

Who appointed you to nurture this group? When you were absent here, were things much worse? Have you shared anything groundbreaking on this forum? .

No, I just am not simple enough to fall for the bad faith toxic positivity that was used to hide your people’s massive pile of dirt laundry in the past. A pile that I am VERY well aquainted with at this point. I studdied you homie, and I know for a fact that there were stretches that you were extreemely negative as an individual, so this holier than thou act is really transparent.

I listed my demands for each outcome in the spdking thread. We’re now at the point where we want the mod votes publicly visible. We want flags to be unable to close a thread. And finally, we want equal consequences for all members regardless of personal history.

Graywolf, I don’t owe you a rundown of the sites history. You can look it up yourself. But it is obvious that all your information about this forum and its culture does not come from experience. So you trying to negotiate with actual members looks suspect

I listed my demands for each outcome in the spdking thread. We’re now at the point where we want the mod votes publicly visible. We want flags to be unable to close a thread. And finally, we want equal consequences for all members regardless of personal history.


it certainly had the best signal to noise I’d seen since bionet…but those were ancient times, when the physicists had only just shared their invention, and the all knowing one had not yet been coaxed (co-ax’ed?) into existence.

no, it’s not. thanks for asking :wink:


it happened from posting in the GLGc thread lol I don’t care not like it means anything in real life

I have a lot to say about this topic. Firstly. I think the community needs a way to reward people (money) for sharing information. There becomes a lack of incentive for sharing information outside of harm reduction and safety.


It does though. Everyone who shared something useful gets money from forum members.


I am here for exactly the reasons I stated. I posted not at anyone’s bidding, or with anyone’s permission.

As a member that was pleased to see Future grow, and as someone who has moderated their own and others sites, it disturbs me to see it’s goodness diminished with intrigue and drama when adult children can typically reach an understanding if they can get by the win lose and gamesmanship.

I am certainly aware of the cannaculture, but certainly not all of Futur4200’s members, because what is to know besides what they post?

Our culture is what we make it and I am making an effort to be what I preach in my dotage, because this is a hobby and I have nothing to lose or gain.

I believe the records show my presence has been positive.

Let us walk around the elephant and ask you the same question. Who appointed you to change it to your own image?

“Toxic Positivity”, what a delightful new word. I infer it means anything that flies in the face of your plans to disrupt the forum instead of nurturing it.

“I listed my demands”!!! Well bully for you brother. I infer there is some reason you believe that the forum owners and staff will bend to your will. Did they even sanction your poll?

“You don’t owe an explanation” to me about site history but we are not discussing history, we are discussing what we want from the site now.



Graywolf has done more for the cannabis community than any of us have on this forum. I would be nowhere without his knowledge he freely gave out years before f4200 came into existence. So attacking him with ‘what have you done for this community’ is pretty baseless I’d say, cause most of us owe him a lot for being a great teacher. Just saying.


Exhibit A: Specimen with cannabinoid-induced psychosis

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Your entire argument is in bad faith because you refuse to acknowledge my argument. I asked for an spdking vote, and you attempted to derail it. You made thread after thread acting like we are children and you are some superior being that will come down and save us. You throw insult after insult, and completely disregard all the suggestions members have made.

Bruh, Im calling it as I see it. Im sorry that the “environment” that I am “fostering” doesn’t allow your buddies to profit off the data of other people while looking good. Im sorry that whole scammy fascade yall got going on the west side doesn’t survive here.

But you are completely out of alignment with the desires of the forum, and it is readily apparent when observing how everyone is responding to you.

This is the part that bothers me. None of us are forced to be here. This is not yet a democracy. Polls are a great way to gauge the public’s opinion, but a poll is not a “vote”.
Votes have consequences, polls show trends. IMHO

Peace and happiness to you all!


I rest my case!

Quite the contrary, i have rarely seen such well thought out arguments for open discourse.


So it’s ok to derail threads as long as you volunteer at the church?


Thats the thing though, openness.

I am learning that all those values of limited governance, member moderation, transparency, and “leveling up together” were all just sales pitches


Depends on what church……


The very fact that the upper powers responded to the free @SPDKing thread , and didn’t not say that it was a futile election surely implies the results would be respected. Of course as long as there was no voter fraud :joy:


Leveling up your buddies pockets together



Qma dropping bombs.

Qma is for the people.


I’ll join in:

I would like a forum that I can direct people to without concern for them.

I would like a forum maintaining enough civility to not look like a unruly mob to those visiting the site.

I would like a forum where we can share information, without the thread being derailed with personal attacks.

I would like a forum where nurturing and supporting members in a positive manner is not labeled “Toxic Positivity” by a special interest group intent on disrupting positive action on the forum…


You have one

The beauty of this forum is how raw it is. Random knowledge bombs, CEO’s fighting it out, etc.