More gamesmanship demonstrating intent

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He’s is definitely one of them I think there is more tho

Nah bud it’s a mystery.

still? he said he only gets 10 a day… that was a new one to i never got to or knew about…im wondering which other member hit max flags…

we should have a flag hall of fame for the members that flag the most!


Yes, that’s a great idea. Be held accountable for your fragrant fucking flagging.


Hall of shame for flaggers let’s do it!


you see i still contribute in positive ways sometimes… :rofl: :joy: :rofl:

gotta get to work… you all be safe!


You always have, brother.

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Fire teh lazer


i dont wanna be flagged for abuse.

Flag the most appropriate things

I think my flag approval is like 90% or something last time I saw a glimpse of the backend stuff. Should be one of the higher ones, b.c. I don’t flag off emotions etc just flagging dumby unverified slangers


Whichever one is a bitch.


Sounds like a government


I explore my mouth with a loaded .45 usually

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Because a .45 gets in between the teeth better than a toothpick? I might have to try that out.

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Accidentally discharged once but a near miss. Grazed my earlobe

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This place is heavily moderated. I lost my lvl3 for no reason :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Should be ashamed of themselves sending in grey wolf to clean up​:weary::weary::weary:

I doubt that, and it’s been covered that it was probably b.c. you didn’t maintain the requirements. But feel free to keep pretending someone hurt you if you want 🤷


Again I thank you for once more illustrating my point about attacking the messenger.

This is exactly why you can’t stop running in circles and biting each other in the ass.

I’ve done nothing at the bidding of @Future or @sidco and have been meticulously open and transparent of where I am coming from.

At my age It is also well known who and what I am, but who and what are ya’ll exactly besides a malcontent avatar?

I am here to nurture the group, not meet the expectations of your small private interest groups that think they should run things.

I don’t expect you to agree with my straightforward logical approach to conflict resolution because conflict resolution is clearly not your goal.

I wish I could reach @sidco as well, to learn more about how this forum democracy thing is supposed to work and why he chooses to feed you rope.

Is there any possibility that ya’ll can read the thread title and return to that topic, or is it your intent to disrupt this thread as well?


Using this thread as an example, how would you improve it’s readability for someone trying to summarize content into a comprehensive list?