More gamesmanship demonstrating intent

And it’s all so obvious.

I guess, this is news to me. But a lot of things on here lately have been. I leave the forum for a while and come back to an entirely different forum. Lololol.


This supposedly has always been the case but people are just understanding some of how the flagging process works.

This all was went over extensively in orientation to express we leaders shouldn’t really be using the flagging because of the power structure. Which is why I do it for the drug spammers only


Got it. Yeah, i guess we’ll just have to wait and see what happens.

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So @sidco how do we go ahead and put together this group of members to act as “the board”?


What do we want?
When do we want it?

Call JG Wentworth 877-Cash-Now


What if someone sent it to the echo chamber would that unlock it automatically?

I don’t think so. It’s already received enough flags in the past that a few new ones will just send it to locking if I open it again.

Obviously, there is a hoe ass member or members that keeps flagging posts to close these threads. They found a little exploit in the software that lets them close the threads they don’t like the direction the conversation is going. It’s some bitch ass shit!

It’s the same exploit with the wiki thing. Anyone can set any post to a wiki submission and then edit anyone else’s post but this one is being abused more.



100% facts


What is more disruptive to the forum… spdking or people abusing the forum itself to close threads that they don’t like?

Real baby shit. Use the ignore button or that little X at the top of your browser.




They tried to close the meme thread too. That was extreme. Not the meme thread :cry:



They should just remove the broom stick from their ass.

You can flag that one. Lol. :broom:


Yeah who ever is fucking around and keeps flagging things with the express intention of closing a thread, should probably slow down on that.

I don’t think it’s netting anything good, to the troubled member or members who keep doing it, I urge you to create another topic in meta expressing your grievances and please stop spamming that function.

Freedom of speech and censorship is a boiler plate topic right now and this is making things worse IMO

At the end of the day I think 90% if us want a nice organized place to talk science, for the 10% who just like poking the bear and making memes we have an entire section where you can shit all over yourselves called the echo chamber

If we want to see change, we need to change

Edit: also to the members doing the mass flagging, you’ve brought to everyone’s attention the ability to misuse this function, and I hope we can figure out a better solution going forward


Since this thread is about what we want…

I want all you to have a blessed day! life is more than this forum and i hope you all smash it today!

to the baby doing this… grow up!


I’m honestly not super upset about it, this was gunna happen sooner or later and now we get to deal with it. Which is fine. Sometimes I feel like u have to have some jackass speed down the neighborhood road and hit mail boxes b4 you realize maybe a speed limit is a good idea

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You are correct, it was a poor example. This thread is a better example of what I mean.

Although it is sometimes a nuisance to wade through irrelevant responses, it’s hard to complain. This website has taught me a ridiculous amount of information over the past few years and I’m very thankful to have access to the data within.


Didn’t @CuriousChemist22 already say he was the one doing it?..


He did. At this point it may be that others read that and have taken after, cause he at least was open about it.

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