More gamesmanship demonstrating intent

It was noted that the sharing and nurturing concepts behind this forum’s formation have changed with the times and readership, as well as technology and resources available to the market place.
Perhaps more like it was when I first got involved and secrets were closely guarded by mostly outlaws (someone operating outside the law), to both preserve IP and to stay out of jail.

Standards were, “This is some primo good shit.”

Quality Shit

At that time us original Skunk Pharmers freely gave away information and stumped for legalization, which amazingly came to pass, so that more intellectual property and resources are available in our market place.

That influx of new resources and technology readily available but previously withheld or limited, has caused our market to mature at a faster than average rate and similar to the gold rush has drawn lots of talent looking for a profession, con men looking to fleece us, and deep pockets intent on maximizing their shares.

Remember the California and Yukon gold rushes and notice who spent all their resources and did all the heavy work, and who ended up with the gold.

As a result the cannabis market place technology is expanding exponentially, it is rightfully more cynical due to bad experiences, and there is greater focus on IP. Follow the money……………

I freely donate my time and resources because I am retired and, in a position, to do so. The only two pro quid pro consultations I accepted was in exchange for trade marking and certification services.

WolfWurx, Inc was in support of my son’s start up efforts, which he alas became disenchanted with, so I traded it off to return to retirement.

Carla and Joe donated information and services, but also derived income from consulting contracts that came their way because of the attention our group got doing helpful things pro bono.

Returning to today, IP’s are jealously guarded, provisional patents have come into play, and as was noted on this forum, this forum has changed with the times.

We are still going through a pandemic that has us isolated and national statistics show domestic violence rates are up about 50% and murders up 25%.

As was noted, there appears to be less nurturing on this forum and more disruptive win or lose battles versus cooperation and compromise.

Sooooo, what are ya’ll’s thoughts on what the readership really wants?


I guess the readership doesn’t know what they want. I mean we just had a big vote that came right down the middle 50:50. It would be very interesting to see who voted one half versus the other.

Also every time hiring more mods is brought up, everyone says we need more. Then people vote for mods. But then whenever the mods take action we have people coming out of the woodwork saying they’re against any moderation, flagging, blocking, or splitting. Where were you people during the votes???


May we start by acknowledging that we have a disproportionate number of outlaws in our readership? Defined as someone operating outside the law.

I’m not speaking against outlaws, as I’ve ended up in court and jail more than once, but have never been busted for anything more serious than assault, though to my discredit was recently busted for speeding, and sometimes flaunt leash laws and expectorate on the sidewalk.

It does mean that we have a disproportionate number of free thinkers skilled at circumventing rules and evading the consequences?

We obviously also have agitators whose intent is to disrupt this forum with BS battles in teapots. At this point it is becoming clearer exactly who those actors are and their agendas.


We also have site leaders who encourage the flagging and favoritism maybe we should start there


What exactly do we want from them??

how about a little “leading by example”


I want to borrow the delorean every now and then…


Can you elaborate?

Me too! Too bad it doesn’t have more cubic inches!!


I think it pretty much speaks for itself… but for a bit of clarification. Leaders of the site theoretically would be individuals that could set the tone by avoiding the opportunities to wallow in the mud.

I would assume that leaders are leaders for a reason and the sad thing about being a leader is to be a leader there has to be sheeple. Sheeple will undoubtedly follow the leader and if wallowing in the mud is the call of the day then… guess what.

What do you imagine is on the minds of the owners, and what would you like them to do differently?

Practice the same personal liberty that they preach

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Could you elaborate?

Why aren’t they asking these questions instead of you?

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I have no idea what is on the minds of the management. I guess that would probably depend on what their mindset/goals might be.

If simply monetizing the site is the goal then I guess possibly as little effort as possible to realize as much monetary gain as possible. Then the question arises as to how little of an effort can began to be detrimental to that goal of maximum monetization

If the goal is to actually run a community of knowledge seekers and teachers (maybe the site is too big for that at this point) then I would suggest a little micro-management might be in order. Sometime the parents of a bouncing baby boy/girl might be really busy and really tired… at that point they make a decision whether it be conscious or subconscious on priorities


A question to ask them, but perhaps they haven’t spent as many hours in conflict resolution classrooms and situations? I’m doing it pro bono as a retirement hobby contribution to the forum…


The voting system is clearly busted if that was sanctioned he’s not been freed as anticipated. The flagging system has been taken over.
I’m making hash so I’m peachy. Just an observation.

Extractionguy is right. People are hungry for the next science to appear. With no hot topic to focus on people have started idle chatter all over.

HHC / D10 / THCP have all been relatively quiet for a few days since that recent thcp blowup.

Our teams products should be available shortly so I’m excited, and I’ve been less active due to this forum aiding me IRL

Saw my first diamonds crash a few days ago. Now looking forward to seeing the magic man come back and get back to full steam.


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Yup, when you’re bored around here, you make your own entertainment/drama.


Thankfully the market doesn’t have our unique products yet and we look forward to gaining some ground. We will have normal diamonds and sauce products, batters and solventless etc. The terp diamonds and blue sapphires will be different. Pricing will be available soon for pre order inquiries.

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