What to do to make the kief adhere to the bud without having the oil too runny ?

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I’ve found it helps to warm the oil until it has a water like viscosity and then let the coated nugs sit for a while, up to overnight before covering in kief. The oil tends to absorb a bit in the flower with time and gets tacky on the surface.

I hate everything about moonrocks, especially making them. Boss wants them though because people actually buy them for some reason.


It’s the biggest w as stem of oil I’ve ever seen…the bowl doesn’t even get hot enough. All the real oil is stuck in the bowl like tar resin use to be

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I want to try making them like meatballs next time.

Make a slurry of coarse ground bud and distillate, roll into little balls with gloves or a mold, allow to “cure” and then roll in kief.

I do something like this with my nail on the bong. I have a glass chamber that can hold ground flower under my nail. Hit a dab, and it filters through the ground bud. Once it’s super sticky and infused with fresh reclaim I throw it in a little silicon bowl and mix in kief till no more sticks.

Fucking bomb in a vaporizer, and the best way to deal with reclaim I’ve found yet. Even helps smooth out the bong hits.