Molecular Sieve Size??


Sometimes all it takes is talking or writing it out. :wink:

Do any parts get warm while the butane is being recovered, other than the boiling vessel?


Other than my collection, I don’t. I don’t heat the sieve. Even though, when I very, very first got one, it came with a heating pad and I thought it was supposed to be used so I did for a short period of time.


The adsorption of water is an exothermic process… it releases heat as the water adsorbs to the molecular sieve. Heating it is only for baking water out of it, and only if you can get it hot enough under vacuum… this is done between extractions.


This I know now. This was a couple/few years ago and I had just switched over from grenades. I loved that I didn’t have to spend $12-20 run anymore on those damn things.


I tripped and spilled a bunch of molecular sieve and on the way down I caught a few of the pellets in my mouth.
I did not expect it to burn quite as much as it did and it stuck to my lip too, I was scrambling to pull em off my lip hahaha. Quite exothermic indeed.


I need to replace the screen gaskets on my molecular sieve, what micron is best for this purpose? Also recommendations on sources, the ones that came with mine seem pretty shotty.


I think you want to use the lowest micron you can get. And I buy all my zeolite from delta absorbants


Anyone ever heard of liquid line filter driers? Pretty cheap and it’s a nice double safety. Hook them up before hitting your injection chiller. Guess I was way overdoing it with the mol sieve , running 2 4x36 full of 3a 2/3 and 13x 1/3. I think I’m gonna downsize to 1 but we were running like 100# of live a day through them for a bit