MJBizcon Follow-up

Hey guys this is Kevin here just got back from Vagas and i wanted to start a thread here with all the people who attended MJBizcon just to keep the networking going. If you guys want to respond with your name, business name, and brief description of your needs and or services i feel like this will be a good way for us all to circle back to each other without having to sift through 200 business cards on a jetlagged mind!


Ill kick it off here

Kevin Wine…(910) 465-8164...kevin@terrafarmacbd.com
Terra Farma LLC
Extraction & Product Formulation

We are a hemp processor and grower in KY. We are doing tons of white labeling right now with crude and distillate that i extracted in house from our own organically grown biomass, as well as our own retail brand. I am currently interested in toll processing to subsidize some of my work load (can send biomass or crude). We would like to take it down to crude or isolate. Also if anyone out there does contract THC remediation I would love to have a convo or two about that. We buy and sell almost anything so please reach out!


Dustin Powers

If you are reading this you’ve already found me.

Kevin, I’m bummed I didn’t get a chance to meet up with you guys Friday night. The mushrooms had other plans


;D hahah no worries at all man we got to kick it with “hemplord” and Alex friday night it was a ball!


Good morning all,

I’m Steve Colborne - from Alberta Canada with Vibe Bioscience


We are a late stage Canadian ACMPR LP (ability for all cannabis activists in Canada). We will have several dispensaries in Ontario as well as Alberta. We currently operate 3 California dispensaries as well.
I am in charge of developing and setting up their processing labs in California as well as here in Canada. I am planning products for oral use, as in tinctures and vitamin E style RSO pills (Canadian market).

If there are any like minded Canadians looking to set up a legal edibles/cosmetic company, we would love to chat. Would be looking to supply cannabis for your products, whether CBD or THC. And possible share a common building for ease of work flow.

Look forward to building a great network across Canada and the US.


Floraplex Terpenes! This was our first time at MJBiz as exhibitors. It was an absolute whirlwind, did any Future4200 members stop by the booth?

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Awe man missed you guys. There were too many damn booths hahah

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That’s ok! It was a zoo for sure.

Lincoln Johnson
EnCann Solutions Inc.

Another Canuck here. We’re setting up a high-volume extraction company here in BC (LD applicant under the NCR, transitioning to a Standard Processor under the new Cannabis Act regs).

@YYCMMJ looks like we’re gonna be competitors - I dunno if we should be friends or mortal enemies. Probably friends, it’s easier that way.


@Lincoln20XX love some competition! Can’t wait to get rolling! Calm before the storm I feel.