Mixing wintertime carts and pods

Hi guys,
I was curious if anybody changes their cartridge mixing formula during the wintertime?
I’ve been making pod style cartridges and I was mixing with 7% terps they were working just fine until it got way colder outside and then I started having tons of units quit working. So i tried diluting with more Terps to the point of it being almost unbearably Terps. Then the pods starting failing by sucking distillate through the mouthpiece. I cant seem to tell what exactly the problem is (maybe my pods just suck and that’s the problem) The pods have a really tight draw on them and are producing vapor at about 25% normal. Even when I added 9% terps this was still the case and by then it tasted overly terped.
Does anybody else run into this issue with carts not working so great in the colder winter months? I’m in northern cali so winter isnt that cold but it still colder than it was when they were working better. What is the best solution to this problem? I really didnt want to use any dilutent but if that what will work than fine.

I don’t know about pods much, but I just bumped up to 2mm intake holes in the carts I use from 1.8mm for the same reason and so far so good.


@Dred_pirate had some pen/battery units that have an upper heating sleeve for the cart. Not sure if these are available for pods ??

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I got some samples from @oilcityextracts that have 3mm intake holes. None of my pens had a problem in Vegas. That’s about cold as I travel too.


So this is sounding like a problem with the intake holes on my pod rather than how the distillate is actually mixed. So no amount of thinning out the oil is gonna help anything? Maybe I need to switch pods to the pax style instead of the stiizy/juul style pods I currently have.