Mixing Terps and Wax for Carts

What is the best way to mix terps and wax together? Best temp and and equipment you can use.

How much are you mixing? What kind of concentrate?

28g of shatter non winterized. 4ml of Terps

Non winterized throws curve ball…ull get swirling ,no clarity usually from wax and lipids left

I like small jars and hot water at 140f, shake and bake. Works great every time.

Put your shatter in a small glass jar. Heat in your oven at like 110-170f (whatever your comfortable with), squirt in your terps and stir it up with something non reactive (sstainless steel, glass, ptfe/teflon).

That’s it!

Do u get golden clear if not dewaxed or winterized? I never added just terps to shatter(ha but what most ppl call shatter around here snap and pull )

I’ve never done it, but I’m sure it will be a lil waxy. Should still work great though!

I was getting swirls back when my stuff was lil waxy…probably just me tends to happen like that

You need real cannabis terps. 100% derived. Dont even need much heat (it can help w/ clarity though)…you can mix w/o any heat at all. Stable shatter in a 5or6 ml old disty glass jar…1 gram and 0.2 ml**ive seen less 0.1ml but 0.2 usually enough…at 1st you have to “jab” it and mush it around, it will gather up together on your mixing tool just keep mushing it around…u can use a thin screw driver or something skinny metal…after a min of mixing and smushing against glass…will start to break down like melted peanut butter

**if you want to use a little heat u can but add terps AFTER…just take a lighter and gently heat till viscosity thins up…add 0.2 ml 100% cdt and mix for atleast 2 min…If u mixed long enough it will be thin enough to vape. If your trying to do big batches id highly recommend trying small amount 1st. 20% is a lot of terps…sometimes you need less…all depends on starting material and terps. This probably wouldn’t work w/ other terps b/c it would taste like poo. Cannabis derived terpenes ONLY. hope this helps