Mixers/homogenizers for large scale ethanol solutions

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I am wondering how larger scale processors/labs mix their ethanol solutions. Currently I am working with a small enough scale that I can mix activated charcoal into a cannabinoid/ethanol solution with a benchtop hotplate and a stir bar. I am now looking to upgrade to the Delta Cup ethanol extractor which produces around 780L if running for 8-10hours a day. My idea was to mix in large stainless steel containers with an overhead stirrer/mixer. I assume because its in contact with ethanol that the motor or mixer should be explosion proof but I could be wrong.

Does anyone have experience with this? @cyclopath I was reviewing older and current posts (I saw you have a Delta CUP) you have started and didn’t see anything about this step. If this was already discussed please add the link below.


I’ve managed to avoid activated charcoal by extracting at -40 to -80C so far, but know that isin’t going to last much longer.

your solution sounds appropriate to me. conical fermenters are a good fit imo. I’d go with jacketed vessels in whatever size seems appropriate. with a CUP 15 I think that’s 50gal or so. or 15gal. depending on how you want to stage things. Google tells me 780L is actually 200ish gal…which is also easily obtainable as a jacketed tank or fermenter.

tri-clamp based overhead stirrers are easy to come by. Atex rated electric is probably going to be more enjoyable than air powered long term, but if you’ve already got high volume air…

Couple air hose in 55 gal drum.

Yeah, but air has oxygen, and besides the whole flammable solvent thing, I just don’t like bubbling it through my product.

Maybe if you were agitating your ice hash that way…

It should work, and if your solvent is 50C below its flash point you should have to actually work at setting anything on fire.

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I saw this agitator/mixer that claims to be explosion proof. It uses can use air or nitrogen gas to pulse gas into the 55 gallon drum. I feel like that is going to shoot ethanol vapor out of the drum and into the air. Video looks nice but they are demonstrating it with water. Let me know what you think.

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Check out Mixers direct. Above was just the 1st hit on google

Why are you moving away from doing cold extractions?

As you scale, the cooling becomes prohibitive & you have to look at other ways of skinning the cat.

Flotwegg barfs when you ask them for a centrifuge that can handle -70C and all the other things I want from my fuge.

If you want to skin your cat warm, you need to do it as one pulls a table cloth from beneath its setting; quickly, so as to avoid pulling unwanteds.

And by warm, I mean less cold :wink:

They even make class 1 division 1 explosion proof mixers for those of us in licensed environments. :smiley:

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