Misc. Items Needed for GC Analytics


Looking to get my GC unit this week from SRI! Besides the unit obviously, what else is needed for testing? Any special tools, tips or tricks you guys could offer? I already ordered a very nice analytical balance with a breeze guard and a heavy steel table. I’m trying to get everything ordered this week. So even if it sounds like a small item I’d love to hear about it and how you use it! Amazon links appreciated haha

Thanks guys


Time… lots of time to get it dialed.

Whats your main use for it? potency or solvents?

I would recommend getting a case of 40ml septum vials, a case of 2ml septum vials, a better gas syringe with type 5 needle so you dont core shot your septums and plug your columns.

I am assuming you have all the solvents needed for testing?


Do you have your Windows laptop or tablet?

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Yes I have a dedicated laptop and monitor ready to go. Main use will be for potency percentage and residual solvents.

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Are you doing plant material or just concentrate?

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I panned on doing both.


I used a small sonicator bath (jewelery cleaner) and 10ml vials for sample prep. Disposable glass pipettes for solution transfer to autosampler vials.

Ceramic wafers for trimming the column, will need to be done often if running plant material, unless you do quechers.

Extra injection liners, I liked the kind with glass wool for my 5890.

Are you running an autosampler?

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No autosampler.

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I assume the sri uses column ferrules. Get extras of those, likely need to be replaced every time you trim the column.

If you do run a lot of plant material and don’t remove the chlorophyll through quechers (or similar) column trimming will be regular PM. Chlorophyll will clog up the column.

Thanks again for the comments/advice.


I specialize in “small parts orders”, at SRI. Send me a message if you would like my contact information regarding your inquiry. I have too many recommendations to list in a post. For example…
Boon Drying Rack Lawn Countertop, Green https://www.amazon.com/dp/B004OR1DTC/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_U3jnEbH6Z5FNZ

One customer found this useful for placing the 40mL vials on so they are not clumsily on a counter top, clanking together. I recommend getting an extra 1uL syringe (the Australian crystal one). Getting a coffee cup warmer plate…to expedite the extraction process when making samples, etc.

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A decent 50 mL graduated cylinder, a big volumetric flask, if you run a lot of samples a 2 or 4 liter one is good. I also like having a couple for media bottles for prep solvent and a variety of Erlenmeyer flasks plus matching stoppers also for solvent (Erlenmeyer are made to minimize solvent evaporation).
I also recommend a good document to record sample info and data (mass, potency sample name etc) to keep organised when running a lot of samples

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