Mine craft quest

So I’ve been putting in some work on the quest for nice gem stones. had a lot of trial and error with some success. I’m following the osst step by step with some success but it’s a hit n miss and not repeatable for me so far . Not saying anything is wrong with sop i goofed offed some where just not sure where . I’m currently working on a batch and it seems about 50/50 are doing exactly what they should and the others have me stumped. Below are pics of current of current project


The pics above and correct me if I’m wrong seem to be on the right path! how ever the ones below show no signs of progression and have been in the cryo stage for the same amount of time

The variables are that they are different strains but from the same grower. All jars were seeded pior to cryo. The jars in the 1st set of pics were de waxed/ filtered and loosely material packed columns via . And the 2nd set of pics not dewaxed tight column pack and the caps were tightened during cryo phase as well.

The pic above is a shot of a jar from a batch currently in oven for the past 2 days . The empty jar next to it used and marked as a reference on where it was filled, froze and capped .

The pics above are of successful attempts
Sorry in advance for crappy pics

So i guess the questions that I have are

  1. Am i freezing and capping the jars at the right time
  2. By not dewaxing certain jars did I mess up or simply prolong the process.
  3. When I over packed the columns the yield increases so did mess up on the recovery ratio leaving solution too thick ?

Thank u in advance for any help


Are they all the same material?

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No but from same grower

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If they were all extracted and stored in same conditions then my guess is its just the strain but thats just my uneducated opinion…just saw ypur notes with pics didnt see that before so the 2nd set of jars that were not dewaxed are the ones that are not growing diamonds?

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Correct and also seemed thick during cryo

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Yes u was to thick end story…if not saturated enough ur not able to drip the thca

Btw the cold crash is superficial…its only to gather the thca on bottom…after it hits room temps the white melts then begins to grow during ur sealed warm stage…

Btw ur using a glass tube or something ur def. Not getting the same saturation rate as these guys…get a can cold…spray into cold jar then add to ur thick oil( might even let hit room temp and mix all together and restart once all ur oil is redissolve)…u want thinner butane solution not oil solution

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