Milling and grinding

We’re examining some new pharmaceutical milling equipment that is cGMP compliant and will allow us to move large volumes of material from bulk bags of biomass through milling and into extraction bags completely automated without an operator touching the biomass. Interested to see if anyone done any yield analysis on material sized through various types of mills, grinders, and shredders to see yield variations from the different methods using the same extraction setup?

depends on the solvent of choice.

ask any extractor using ethanol what they think of biomass hammer-milled for CO2 extraction.

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Good point. Same to be said about pelletized…I’m specifically looking at ethanol extraction for this equipment application.

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Any specific thoughts on this for ethanol? My question/concern with this conical mill system is whether it will result in pulling more chlorophyl than other material sizing techniques. At almost $200K, I’d love to hear some thoughts before we buy it.

200K for a milling machine? Jesus😳 just get a Fritsch and save 160K

I extract with 200 proof food grade down to -50 C and get no chlorophyll

$200K includes the vacuum unloading system, nitrogen injection, vacuum, and mill. 100% stainless GMP compliant and able to process 4,000lbs per hour


it is pretty fancy…more importantly, it is massively efficient on labor.

Then it should pay for its self quickly… I mill mine to a 1/4 and dont have issues

Great. Thanks for the info. Any thoughts on wet grinding solutions? Fritsch does make good units for dry material, but I need a new wet material grinder as well.

Sorry, cant help with that…

Yea fristch is terrible if the stuff is wet

cGMP compliant equipment isn’t a thing. It’s either CIP, SIP, wash by hand, or not sanitary. Don’t let the equipment fairies bamboozle you.

Food Grade.
Wash down friendly.


@Dirteagle Could you please unpack ‘cGMP compliant equipment isn’t a thing’ . Have many questions on this topic and really want to better understand getting equipment GMP ‘qualifiable’. Topics like IQ/OQ documents from the equipment fabricator matter. Along with material traceability (equipment manufacture) and precise manufacturer SOPs seem vital. I have seen other considerations and any link on this topic to help me learn more will be amazing.

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cGMP compliant meaning it is made from food-grade stainless steel, lacks painted parts, and has the necessary cleanability to be qualified or “certified.” Having the proper inherent qualities make it cGMP “compliant” in my book.


You want to look over Title 21 of the Code of Federal Regulations. That is where Good Manufacturing Practices are defined. Those are the regs. the FDA enforces. No one issues a GMP certification other than 3rd party entities, which frankly are a bit useless. The FDA doesn’t care about a cert. and they don’t issue certs/ and they don’t endorse supposed “GMP compliant” equipment from vendors - they are going to audit you anywayzzz

Well being that the State of Florida Dept of Health is now requiring all MMTC operators to be cGMP, those certs are now relevant to us as the FDA isn’t coming to a cannabis facility but the state inspectors certainly will be…

Hey, @KannaMill offers 316 Food Grade mills for those who are trying to be cGMP compliant. Let me know if we can help!