Mile high labs are great people..but is this possible?

We are talking 100k lbs of biomass a day. I know there are companies that can do that. But the pictures of the machine…just not sure.
I am not bashing them at all. Great people that own and run that lab.


I think thats one of many skid mounted setups theyve got going


Maybe? Article is a little vague…says the skid can process 50 acres a day. Thought it was per skid. You could be right




Dabatronicus here, you think their freezing with LN2 to process straight from the field? Or you think he means 50 acres a day after it’s been chopped?

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Sad you can Legally screw a lot of good people in this industry, and still be loved by the masses, its just the CO2 product that people like is all.

Who prefers CO2

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My cynical suspicion is that the 50k/day is just to debuck/deseed/sort/size reduce the plant material down to where it can be extracted. Spitball math on the power requirements of a 50k lb/day extraction op say it won’t fit on the back of a semi.

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Typo, meant 50 acres

I mean, depending on yield that’s still a pretty sizable amount of plant material. Don’t know what average yield per acre is on outdoor grows here in Colorado (I’m a processor not a farmer)

I believe that is one of 3 modules.

Only heard about this one other time! Does this actually happen? Ln2 in Shipping containers guys in suits? How does this happen?