Meyers Vacuum Lab 3 - Opinions/Reviews?

Hey Everyone,

Link to equipment: Meyers Vacuum Lab 3

I have seen this unit pop up a couple times when searching around and looking at various distillation equipment and approaches, has anyone used this that would be willing to offer their opinion? Has anyone operated a similar setup? If neither, I’d still be curious to hear your opinion because I am currently debating myself :exploding_head:


We had a neighbor who was using it but they ran into some issues getting it to work properly, and it didn’t really crank out as much as advertised.


Do they ever?

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No joke they had to put a paper clip in the darn thing to get their distillate to condense/drip properly into the proper collection flasks.

It’s funny seeing an expensive machine like that only work properly because of a freaking paper clip!


I hear the collector clogs all the time. Its a great distillation method but is meant for more volatile compounds. The larger Meyers Lab 10 is commonly used in essential oil production.