“Medical” thc flower pricing. What’s the going rate?

So I’m just trying to gauge how much product is out there this year.
What city/state are you from and what’s the going rate for lbs of thc flower your hearing?

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Sonoma County, CA
1-50lb rates
Indoor top = $2-2.4
Indoor B = $1.7-2
Light dep = $1.4-1.8
Outdoor top = $1.2-1.4
Outdoor B = $.8-1.2


I’m seeing almost identical pricing in New England


Light dep 1000 and up
Outdoor 700 and up
That guy with those other prices is full of it.


@Thetetraguy is pretty spot on.

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There are significant differences in price between Maine and CT.

I just talked to a customer who spent a month in CT working. He said he had to spend $60+ for an 1/8 of decent weed. So he stopped smoking for a few weeks.

A few caregiver storefronts are advertising $100 zips in Maine.

The highest prices I have seen are in the NYC and New Jersey. A few years ago they would spend $400 on a zip and not even blink.


Massachusetts has 350$-380$ ounces in its dispos. The most I’ve paid for an ounce on the street was 290$ and that was years ago, like 2013-2014. ¼#'s on the street are $400-$700 and ½#'s are usually $900+.


I guess I meant I am seeing the same prices in mass up through Maine. I don’t know about CT.

CT is high because there’s only 18 dispensary licenses.

PA is around $3,750 for both indoor and greenhouse as dispensaries will sell out within 1-3 days of getting any product.

MA will probably maintain high prices for the next 5-7 months at least. The current wholesale prices have created a frenzy for investors to buy out warehouses, plus state licensing is going to rapidly increase from Jan-Jun.

I’d be curious on hearing prices for Oklahoma.


Who tf is paying 1800 for dep units?! #custy


Here in CT Medical 1/8ths range from 28 to 50 dollars per unit. Have not seen 60 yet.

When it’s a seller’s market, because demand is so high and supply is so low. For a good 2-3 months there was litterly almost no flower available, during that time, sellers were setting the price. I bet these fires and all the seize and desist letters are gonna contribute to more demand/less supply. Last year about 10% of my buddies got the letter, this year about 90% got the letter, we got lucky this year and wont be doing it big again (lol I know very small compared to some of u, but enough to get a letter).


Clean up while ya can!!!:raised_hands:

This sucks it looks like I had my eyes set on Cali because well it’s supposed to be the amsterdam of America but I’m starting to think I’d be better off in Oregon or Washington to find decent outdoor or light deps at a reasonable price this is sad I thought last year was bad . I’m just a little guy but I wanna learn to make my own shatter sugar n daimonds but at 1800 what I’m currently paying for beautiful indoor, how can I make extracts and still profit? Been looking at getting a CLS this week but ppl are telling me if I can’t get trim it’s no point !

Your better off in a BM setting.


In Canada we got a bit of variance bc to ontario
But roughly
AAA indoor $CAD 1200-1600/USD$ 900-1200
AAAA indoor $CAD 1500-2100/USD$ 1100-1600
Greenhouse $CAD 900-1200/USD$ 700-900
Outdoor $CAD 700-1000/USD$ 500-750

Seems like flower is cheaper here but extracts cost more. Especially CBD and other rarer cannabinoids

Light dep is greenhouse?


If the greenhouse was harvested between December and september, it was most likely a light dep greenhouse. If its fall harvest, I think it’s just considered greenhouse.
IMO best weed is harvested in august in a light dep high on the mountain tops but below the fog line.


I was always under the impression the best deps come under the june sun.

Definitly can be, but I think a flower will do best with the most sunlight hours, which is in june and july, then u can harvest on your 9th or 10th week of flower in august.
Either way I’d choose summer light dep over indoor


Those are the prices what I’m seeing as well

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