Medical Grow Switzerland

Hi guys,
my dream has come true and I’m now the Head of Cultivation for a large medical cannabis company in Switzland. We will be growing for flowers and I want to be the best on the market as most of the medic weed in the EU is trash.
My only restriction is that the batch consistency has to be under 10% for Cannabinoids, Terps and other secondary metabolites like flavenoids and thiols.
The first thought would be to automate as much as possible, use raw salts to inhibit mistakes by the fert provider and use Rockwool for full control.
The irrigation practise will focus on the crop steering school of thought similar to what Josh Neulinger/Aroya are doing right now.
Light: LEDs (1200-1500umol/s*m2) with fully customizable Spectrum
CO2: Daytime 1500ppm - 700ppm - no supplementation at the end of flower
O2: DO in Water + Air supplementation while dark period
AC/Dehum/Hum: Unitary unit for each room → VPD Ranges with max possible temps to increase enzyme efficiency till week 2 and after that 75-80°F
Style: 1-2 week veg → SOG Style on RW slabs with 9-16 plants per m2
Air cleansing by the innovativesolutions guys
Fertigation: vegetative/generative shotsize etc and a 2.0 EC throughout the whole cycle only increasing dryback times/reduced runoff for EC stacking
Run-off will be fully filtered and recirculated
I will have sensors for:
Medium: PH/EC/TEMP
Air: TEMP/RH/water content/CO2/O2
Light: Quantum sensor/Spektrometer
Plant: Leaftemp/photosynthesis rate via CO2 NIR/O2 chemical sensor / SPAD Meter for measuring Chlorophyllcontent
Emergencysensors: Pressure Loss Sensor/ Co2 emergency exhaust

If anybody has any notes, I would be happy to edit my plans

Thanks a lot in advance

PS: The rooms will be climate chambers similar to dsp Pannels (Coated metal/isolation/coated metal)

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Um, it’s kind of hard to have the best on the market when your hands are tied up on how much your total cannabinoids can be… Your best bet (IMO), is to find yourself some decent genetics that when you push it to the absolute limit in your grow environment it never goes above 10%TAC.
Your best bet might be to look into certain land races that you have over there in Africa, Asia, etc. With those strains you should be able to keep your overall TAC down, and hopefully pull in some other minor. For example, African land strains have higher concentrations of THCV, etc. Since you can’t grow for an overall high strength (in THC), you should try to grow for the most balanced strains that you can.
Check into the different genetics is all I can give for advice. That way you don’t spend the time growing a crop, and only to have to trash it because it tests out at 13-15% TAC


I think he meant they have to have maximum deviance from the average by 10%, but I could be wrong.


Exactly, so if I have a product for example pedanios 20/1 (THC:CBD) the max deviance should be 2% in the THC Value :smiley:

Thought about that, but landraces don’t yield enough and aren’t adapted to indoor conditions. Genetics wise, we have a biotech company that will custom bred a strain to our likings in the next 1-2 years. So genetics will be taken care of. My selection/breeding criteria would be:

  • Cannabinoid content
  • Terpene content and make up
  • Yield ofc (Biomass and resin wise)
  • Flowering time (8 weeks)
  • How dense the Flower is, so that it doesnt get diminished in the harvesting/distro part
  • Flavour would be a main point with my own plants, but the medical industry sadly doesnt care about this point at the current state of the market
  • structure
  • resistence to Botrytis/PM, but thats secondary indoors

But thanks for the input, I will definetly tell them to pick some landraces in their databank :smiley:

Is this flower going to be sold to pharmacies?

You probably have to run a couple of validation runs before starting any serios production.

But a low TAC is not hard to acomplish in an indoor setting…

Fertilization and high PPFD definetly wont help with that, sadly.

Best in your veture!

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I think the Bedrocan Bedica is a derivate from amnesia haze terpene profile…

They made this variety after a study conducted in holland coffe shops indentifying the most prefered terpene profile fro user experience.

So your flavour breeding parameter might just differentiate you and give ypu and edge over thw competition in those 1-2y time :slight_smile:

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Sounds like purple punch might be tour top strain choice. 10% ouch that hurts and is hard

fuck those laws, run 29 thc bud.

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He explains that its +/- 10% of the claimed cannabinoid content…

So indoors shouldnt be too muchbof a problem with his setting of the facilty…

So dialing in the strains is manditory to achieve herbal drug standard compliance check.


its bullshit= swiss were the first to legalize huge greehouse grows and now some bs. Mexico has lots of weed that cant sell here- its going to Switzerland now. Do people actually buy sob 10 percent weed in a store/ i IMAGIN ITS ALL KIEFED.

How much would you say you could knock of with kieffing the product? 20-50% TAC?

Oh 10% plus or minus the advertised # that ahouldnt be a problem

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Ofc man, we will be launching with a cbd flower production for testing and then scale it up. The rooms will be “small” (50m2), but thats the most controllable setup I could think of.
Yeah ofc, but with data and lots of monitoring the % is achievable imo

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Off topic but are you guys looking into the adult-use recreational trials?

We’re super stoked about this and will be doing a study.

Hello from Ostschweiz :slight_smile:

I personally do with a homie of mine as he’s got a quite “established” :wink: organic grow. He’s trying to get the zurich permit, but we will have to see about that.
But the company will only operate on the medical market as this is enough effort to establish haha, but when the production is up and running, we will look into it with a craft brand hopefully under my command haha

Spricht man bei euch auch deutsch oder bist du schon im italienischen Bereich?^^

I ask because we’re looking for a grower to supply us with flowers for our study as we’re only in the extraction bizz

ein bisschen deutsch, ich bin gerade aus kanada hierher gezogen. wir sind im Thurgau! wo sind Sie?

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Schön hier auch jemanden aus der Schweiz zu sehen.
Gruss an alle.

We got outdoor matearials from organic farms if you need something small for donation no problem :slight_smile:

Cbd and Cbg varietys


Ahh awesome, saturated market or why are you moving to a illegal state from the mekka of legalisation? Do you need THC-A Varieties or what are you trying to do with the material?^^