Medford Or cbd farm for sale / 1654 ross ln. Medford

13.7 acres
Can tour at
Electric underground irrigation
4 full bloom light dep greenhouses 3000sf each
Barn w drying room for flower
All equipment/tractors/2 utv
Tool room and all tools
Can be divided into 3 lots
Ag exempt zoned
Land was all graded
Gravel around all houses
Metal fence on front property
Chain link fence parameter
Grower would stay on with staff
Grew 30k pounds biomass 2019
In city limits

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That 1.825,00 is that supposed to be 1,825,000? As in the asking price?


Yes 1 mill 825 thousand

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that’s a great price, good luck!!

Beautiful! I hope it sells for you, makes me want to raise my asking price :joy:


Have that much in total improvements on this land…its in middle of city…nothing out of order on this property, it’s a showpiece . Everything on property including fence is the same color. Check out websight