Mechanical separation vs distillation

What is the ceiling for making kief and pressing that into thca for either recrash or decarb?

Will this ever be a viable alternative to solvent extraction and distillation?

Try a screw press


Currently in process of collecting data for this.

Starting material is trim bin kief that is pressed at a 40-70% yield. (Yield strongly varies by strain here) and usually tests about 70-85% cannabinoids.

Kief rosin is pressed at about 15-20% yield of thca isolate testing ~98% cannabinoids

Isolate is then decarbed to a distillate like consistency.

Iā€™m definitely still learning though and would love to hear some input from others!


I think the future of cannabis/hemp extraction is very similar to other roughage/miscella extractions for other food grade oils.

Eg, solvent soak, followed by a heated vacuum screw centrifuge/press for final solvent/solution removal.

You should see less than 1%-2% solvent loss in a properly designed closed system that properly drys the end material.

I dont think you will EVER get a truly solventless solution for full processing, at least not anything highly efficient.

There are ALWAYS downsides to solventless processes, you NEVER get all the constituents in your yield, there are almost always cannabinoids present in the waste materials.

Bulk extraction should always be preformed with a good solvent based extraction method.
Otherwise you are definitely leaving cannabinoids on your waste material.


I design large systems of this form, if anyone has interest, they are very similar to existing petroleum processing facilities and food extract processing facilities.