Maybe someone needs a rotary evaporator?

Sell rotary evaporators, which can be used for the distillation of hemp and the recovery of absolute ethanol.
They can be matched with a variety of equipment,
such as cryogenic pumps.


very creative


Thanks, friend!

i was being sarcastic


Ha, really?Although I don’t know why you ridicule me

Y’all are like termites.
Silent and hiding in the cracks and walls, and once the conditions are right you swarm out and leave shit everywhere.

I understand that everyone of you needs your commissions, maybe you guys should do a lottery ball system to see who gets f4200 because y’all are pushing the same topoption, tigray, YHChem rebranded equipment and from what I can see just shitting all over each other in the process.

You all have the same account names and make it immediately known which accounts you use to shill with by liking your own posts. It’s very obvious. And I only speak for myself when I say it’s pretty annoying but I am sure others share the same sentiment.


You definitely speak for a majority here. It’s annoying.

The problem is that they’re successful. I’m slightly concerned with the large amount of f4200 users using cheapest-of-the-cheap equipment for large-scale production. The priority to save $ has obscured problems concerning ethics, sustainability, economics and safety.


The lurkers are even worse. U dont know what they’re running but accidents are happening


This 100%.

But… less expensive does not always mean cheaper. More expensive does not always mean higher quality, more reliable, or more efficient, and in fact the opposite is frequently true.

There are some “premium” brands in this space that I wouldn’t buy brand new with a warranty at 25% of MSRP. There are some other brands that are a bargain at twice the price.

But learning to differentiate between “actually less expensive” and “so many corners cut that it’s now dangerous” takes a lot more resources than many people have available to them or know how to apply to the problem.

If you’ve got a choice between “expensive maybe garbage” and “cheaper maybe-trending-to-probably garbage” and cheaper is <=50% the $ of expensive, it’s easy to see why many people say “fuck it, we’ll go cheap” … especially when the person who gets the final sign off on things doesn’t have any hands-on or other knowledge.

I’m a fan of cheaper, when it doesn’t compromise safety. Sure the german thing is probably going to be good at what it does, but I can probably buy 6-10 high quality - this is the key - asian imports for the same price.

TL;DR Equipment sourcing is hard, yo. Even pros fuck it up now and again. But go to the lowest bidder and you’re likely to get lowest bidder work.

This is not just our industry. It’s rampant just about everywhere.


Chinese rotary evaporators are actually now referred to as “merry-go-rounds” by forum members, you will get more traction on post and more sales by using proper name


I’m definitely in the same boat with trying to find that happy medium.

“Maybe someone needs a rotary evaporator?” — Such a clever, rhetorical post title, gotta give them that. “Is that someone me?” "Do I need a rotary evaporator? “Maybe I do need one!”

Clearly taking advantage of the potential customer’s lack of self-confidence… The sales strategies are really impressive. Selling equipment for the recovery of absolute alcohol is one thing, but Merry-go-rounds? They really know their target market.

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I 100% need a merry-go-round. Way more than I need some evaporator thingy.

Paint it green or purple, slap a cannabis leaf on it, get a 40x40 booth at Mjbiz, mark it up 4-10x, and they’ve got a billion-dollar business on their hands, for sure.


When you buy from a US company they usually offer you free training on the equipment that you purchase so they know that you are using it properly. When you buy Chinese stuff they don’t care what you do with it, they’re probably happy if you blow yourself up

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No, if customers buy our products, we will also provide technical guidance and after-sales service~

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you are right


Here, hold my beer…


If China wants to sell rotary evaporator in the USA, they need to keep up with the jargon and nicknames in the cannabis industry- merry go round is how most people refer to this equipment

I am surprised that I have not yet seen a proper merry go round display at MJBIZCON- maybe one day


Uhh yesh yesh we have good new technology. Its called: boiling a liquid and trapping the condensation totally a new concept btw!



Stupid amerifat’s cant even uh distill properee:cn::cn::cn::muscle:t2::muscle:t2:

yesh i need uh 1000 units right uh now

ill take uh all your merry go roun

take your China junk back where you bought the scrap from. Chento wo baba my ass. We don’t want your heavy metal/made in a child factory bunk.

Theres only a few good vendors from China on here and its only for cart hardware.