Maximum ethanol extraction vessel size

Is there a maximum vessel size you processors have experience with that still allows a efficient extraction. Using warm ethanol. Is there such things as too big? 500gal, 1000, 2500???

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The larger you make your setup the more obsticles you will need to overcome. You may need to way to mechanically load and unload the biomass, your centifuge becomes larger, as does all your solvent cooperage, and evaporation needs. Not to mention all the heating and cooling that your evaporator will require.
Bigger =more expensive
I think your extraction efficency would suffer slightly, but would be really close to your current yeilds.

My max with Cryo temps is 300 liters and putting biomass in in pillowcase If 2.5 kg
In a large basket that i hoist out once start to picking them out to Trow them in the panda spin dryers 4x
In Cryo this is about the max i find for the amount of people that fit around working
Any thing bigger must be automated one way or the other
Also the temps start to fall to much with larger volumes of the bath for me to controle My guess is there is No max If automated but You really Will Need a massive amount of electrisity