Material pouring tek


Just saw and it got me thinking “How the hell do you even use that” which got me thinking “What’s the best way for the material pour off?”

The best method I know of is simply leaving more tane in the collection pot, which I don’t like, and works okay. So does anyone have any brilliant tips and tricks for “the pour” that involve no agitation and no excess solvent?


Unfortunately for the pour nozzle to work you have to leave enough gas mixture for it to pour out. Not a lot I have exhaust fan right next to the pour out so I don’t have anything to worry about. I pull it as low as I can go then add 10psi from my tanks head pressure to assist in pushing it out. It depends on your gas mix but I’m down to -10 on the vac gauge and the sides of the oil in the bottom will start to solidify and you can see a 1 inch puddle of liquid in the middle that’s when it looks good for me to pour. If you pull to much gas off your just gonna have to scrape it out and you will agitate the hell out of it. Even pouring shatter you have to leave a little gas or you will wind up with sugar wax from the agitation unless I’m mistaken. It takes a little bit of experience to get it down but you will figure out the proper mix for you quickly.


Could you send me a pic of how the pour nozzle is used? I’m just having a hard time conceptualizing it on my system.


You have to rack mount your collection vessel. And you have to run a hot water Circulator through the jacketed bottom. Hope this helps.