Massive Vape Brand, Turn-Key Manufacturing Type 7, Distribution Business For $9,900,000

Why are they trying to get out of the business if they are a massively successful vape brand?


I would think the gross and net for 2020 and the ytd on this year are way low for this asking price. I don’t think many banks would loan you money for this.

1.3m gross for this year in California with overhead sound like a business on its last leg.


$1m+ cash for what they are offering? Some folks here can change the business plan there to something profitable. I will not waste my valuable time.

There are problems with every single property that @Extractz posts here. I’m usually the first to chime in.


I think they expect you to negotiate down, but looking at a company that made 1.3m in 6 months, its definitely not worth 10m. Especially when it is a type 11 that cant even deliver direct.

So you are basically at the mercy of retailers after paying $10m, employees and raw materials.

I always wonder what people end up paying for these facilities in the end. Will the seller accept reality or find the golden lick?


I’ll pay 10 m on a 30 year term lol do they take cheeba coin?


Yeah id pay 10m cheebacoin for it, but I think thats the equivalent of like $0.60 us


People who don’t know any better who want their chance at getting in on the cannabis green rush about 5 years too late.


Why not take all that money, invest 90% of it, then use the last 10% to start a d8 company that prints more dough?

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Is this Buddies?

Most acquisitions are going for higher multiples on revenues/what I assume the EBITDA is, so the asking price implies there are some skeletons in the closet. And just curious, do you guys get a finders fee on this or just something for the advertisement @Extractz ?


They help liquidate from post history. 420 property, hemp liquidation, iron first rep/fan

I’m sure there’s an incentive

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Pretty sure buddies does more than that in sales… I could be wrong maybe they had a massive down turn

Not too familiar with them, just saw they were the #7 vape brand somewhere


Which really begs the question,
What top 10 vape brand is only doing this much in sales? Any top 10 brand should be doing way more than this in sales.


I would have said kingpen but it looks like they have turned some stuff around lately

When the fuck did you start finding people not worth your time being actually worth your time?

Are you talking to me? About kingpen?

I thought you muted me. You can dm me as I try to send you leads without association.

Lol, nah, I have you silenced. I can still click “unhide post” to see when someone is obviously replying to me

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Either way. Pick your holes to dig. I’ll just send them to people seemingly less drama.