Massachusetts Sesh

Anyone know of any seshes in MA? I just moved back home to Boston and wanna get involved w the community!



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GLG Boston meetup after NECANN in March with @onedabbitch


There’s a bunch of Gene Trader events throughout the yr. I think the next is Jan 19th in Springfield.

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@BetterExtracts gene trades?

I would be interested in that meet up. is that open forum for F42K members or GLG only?

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I’m thinking I’m gonna go to meet people and learn. I love learning.

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Has anyone been to one of these gene trader events? If so how was it?

I’d like to go for sure!!! I know that if you’re glg you can bring a +1…

There is, or at least used to be sesh meetups in Maine, the culture there is less corporate and still keeps its roots in the days of old. I’m sure one of the Maine boys can point you towards one.

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I’m a medical patient in New Jersey with a card, would love to attend events if welcomed. Thanks

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I’m not a glg member but I’ve thought about checking one of these events out. Maybe I can scoop you up and we can roll out to this one after necann in March @Future mentioned I’m guessing we would need to sign up for glg at the door

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That’d be awesome!!

Ya man depending on timing we can plan something. I’ve been up here in Maine almost 3 years and have yet to make it to any cannabis events. Just so busy with my day job that my 2nd life takes a back seat.

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When I first got on this forum, I think a year and a half ago, the north east was very under-represented here. It still is, but I bet theres enough folks from here now that a sesh could be put together. I live about 7 miles from downtown Boston myself.


South shore here, Plymouth area. I’m down. Gotta network

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I live in Mass as well and would love to go to the GLG after party

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Just got this email

NECANN BOSTON to be Re-scheduled

Due to the increasing concern and public health crisis due to the COVID-19

outbreak, the NECANN Boston convention, scheduled for March 20-22, is being postponed. We are working with our venue partners and city officials to select a new date in 2020 and will update everyone as soon as we have specific information and details to share. All vendor registrations and pre-sale tickets will be honored for the new date. Please be advised that this postponement will impact the convention, the NE Canna Community awards show, and the NECANN Competition awards.

We appreciate everyone’s patience and support during this incredibly difficult time and this decision, and look forward to working with everyone to make this year’s event as successful as it has been for the last five years.

If anyone has any questions, please understand that we are still actively working with our partners to secure the new date and address this change, and ask that you wait before contacting us until we know exactly the new details and dates.

Thank you again on behalf of the NECANN family. We will see everyone soon and get through this together.


Marc Shepard, Co-Founder

Jeff Lawrence, Co-Founder