Massachusetts licensed Collab thread

Looking to start a thread or a group of people working in licensed facilities in Massachusetts.

Would love to get some Collab live resin or rosin runs going.


It’s been five years since recreational marijuana became legal in Massachusetts. In that time, the Cannabis Control Commission has granted 249 final licenses and 122 marijuana retailers have opened in the state.

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I got a driver’s license

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I miss MA a little bit - or at least having everything close together. How’s the rosin quality out there? I grew up on the east coast and spent a lot of time in Boston - I’ve heard some horror stories about the non-huge operators’ quality of work produced from my buddies that are still in Mass but those aren’t exactly anyone in the business either.

How’s the worker-focused licensing requirements out there? I know things are super strict in terms of allowing business licenses, I’m curious about how strict they are if you put your hands on actual product and do work in terms of disqualifying legal conditions and the like. MA has always been very stringent about anyone who has been convicted of anything.


Hey there! Owner of Bay State Extracts (Bay State Hemp). We are not CCC licensed (currently) but I personally worked on the bill to allow transfers of hemp derived products and extracts to CCC licensees and we currently supply many CCC product manufacturers with rare & minor cannabinoids like CBD, CBN, CBG, THCv, CBDv, etc.

Here for a good time.


Hey! Out in Western Mass working for a company doing extractions for a few years now, started off in IL. Been hoping to make some industry friends and do events.


Mass is a commonwealth state and I think those are a bit harder than some other states…not as hard as NC on drug crimes I wouldn’t think. But Virginia is also pretty fuckin strict in a lot of shit

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Oyaaaaaaaaaaa - MA made me a multiple felon and cost me like 60k in fines. I wanna make that money back now with the same shit they used to arrest me for :wink:


NC did the same to me, but they won’t legalize psychedelic substances there, ever, I’m sure

:raising_hand_woman:t2: I’m an MA lab director. Are you looking to extract or have your flower extracted? Always up to run some FF!

Massachusetts is a fucking joke. I’ve heard horror stories of how growers give the facilities that extract, some of the moldiest material you’ve ever seen and mainly trim and fan leaves Nothing really whole nug ran. At least that’s what I’ve heard about concentrates.


The commonwealth’s Concentrates are struggling, hard. $60/g after taxes for rec boof that was packaged 5-6 months prior to sale.


lets connect, we do too!

Rosin is still behind the times, blue river and a few other west coast guys jumped in but when the starting material is lacking there’s only so much they can do.

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shoot me a pm!

I am looking to really change the game as far as prices and quality in the state but that’s going to take some collaboration.

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I’m currently extracting in MA, and looking to jump ships. May be able to collab in the near future.


PM me please :slight_smile:

Well hope they start to kick out stuff like this eventually.


@onedabbitch get in here!


THANK YOU boy did a post ever need my help :joy: