Mass-scale Pesticide Remediation

Would like some feedback on this topic,

About a year ago @Future and I had a conversation about mass scale pesticide remediation without having to winterize or distill. Bypassing these laborious steps would require we do a cryo-polar extraction of contaminated biomass followed by a L/L separation of cannabinoid acids from the decarboxylated cannabinoids and other compounds in the “mother liquor” fraction. Since then, I’ve done some messin’ around with THCa crystal refinement and saturation under pressure w/ nitrogen - I think there is no reason why we cannot induce supersaturation and precipitation of THCa immediately following initial polar solvent recovery inside a high pressure vessel (such as a FFE). I’ve been bouncing the idea around in my head for a while - anyone interested in providing some insight?

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In theory, crystallization and re-crystallization could reduce or prevent pesticides from accumulating in the final crystalline product.

I wonder, has anyone ever had crystalline THC-A come back “hot” for pestys?


I’ve ran a lot of dirty trim into sauces/sugars and washed crystals at every stage. What I’ve observed is that as long as fats and gums are removed prior to initial crystallization, there should not be any pesticides present within the crystalline structure of THCa. Water-washes and low temperature scrubs can be preformed as well to further the chance for successful remediation. It seems to me that Cryo-Etoh is the way to go followed by a carbon and enzyme degumming. Thoughts?